There I was in the pharmacy just walking by the newsstand isle. Newsweek was doing a special on spirituality in America namely about the people who believe in God. I had a dollar with me, but the price was just shy of five so I only read a little. The christian equivalent of Newsweek is World but I was just blown over by how it was written. If you tried writing a book in Russian but knew nothing of the language do you expect it to get a point across? I suspect that somebody was trying to tell them the truth about believing but it was written to the authors tastes. If I have a bias I’ll show it. I’ve just found the stories – there are eleven of them covering most everything on faith -a little something for catholics, christians, whatever category you fall under you’ll find that there might be some mention of you. I disagree with some points of theirs – first of all the pagans do not worship God, they have their own [false] god(s). In the article it said that pagans worship God in nature – that’s wrong.

The article is called “The Search for the Spiritual” verbatum the mistake is: “And everywhere we looked, a flowering of spirituality: in the hollering, swooning, foot-stomping services of the new wave of Pentecostals; in Catholic churches where worshipers pass the small hours of the night alone contemplating the eucharist, and among Jews who are seeking God in the mystical thickets of Kabbalah. Also, in the rebirth of Pagan religions that look for God in the wonders of the natural world; in Zen and innumerable other threads of Buddhism, whose followers seek enlightenment through meditation and prayer, and in the efforts of American Muslims to achieve a more God-centered Islam.” Note in the books of 1st and 2nd Kings and Chronicles the recurring story that some kings set up pagan shrines and others destroyed them.

The next article “Green Religion: …” I liked because of the very end: “And if you’re rolling your eyes at the idea of a $20,000-a-year librarian going up against the politically connected coal operators and the wealthy energy lobbyists, don’t forget that he’s got a highly placed friend of his own [: God].” The article after, “Islam: …” made the point that many churches are still separated from their more or less colorful counterparts. In the first article they generously talked about Pentacostals about which was the next article:”Pentacostals: …”. I have nothing bad to say on this one, yet there is nothing that jumps out as a good point. “Tibeatan Buddhism: …” was next on the list. All I can say is ditto. I then came to “Roman Catholicism: …” and found that many collegic RCs decided to follow tradition more closely favoring rigorous faith, all the more power to them I’d say.

“Kabbalah: …” was the next articles in the series, it features a type of studies a certain rabbi hopes to become more common among american jews in the hopes that they would soon come to recognize that God intervines in their lives.I liked what I read for awhile, after all, I was taught to believe that a personal relationship with God was what counted in the end. “A Scholar’s View: …” in which the word “Protestant” was used quite a few times but it didn’t even state the basic beliefs of the group. The poll “Where do you stand on faith?” proved very interesting. Then came “A Dictionary of the Divine” where terms were defined from Cursillo to Zen but every now and then a deffinition may not match up citing Paganism as an example of which.

Finally I reached “Talk Transcript: Spirituality” the very last item on the list. If you read it be aware of the different religions it mentions: the Ba’hai faith does not believe in nor preach of Jesus whom many a rabbi consider a teacher or a prophet and some a savior. I agree with Irvine CA, Pigeon Forge TN, The point made by Anonymous just after the Liberty Lake WA submission which I find interesting, Knoxville TN, Lahore Pakistan makes an interesting point (we are not born on the straight and narrow but we come to find it through the bible and Jesus who is the way, the truth, and the life.), Albuquerque NM, Farmington Hills MI, on all of their inputs.

As with most stories covered in Newsweek, it might eventually be found in World with a more christian point of view talking about the differences and simularities found in religion according to the bibles deffinitions which I believe are far more important than those with unfounded deffinitions. I didn’t have the time to read through every article at the pharmacy, so I just put the issue back and left.