I took it for granted. I looked at my wristwatch and thought “Don’t I have a ton of time!” at least that was my attitude toward religion. I thought it was something for the very young or the very old. I had my share of friends who I considered odd that I can’t find these days. The last conversation I had with one of them took place three and a half weeks ago. We were walking to the mall, taking that shortcut through the park. She asked if I had been thinking about attending church. She used to say that I would be welcome at her church, but most any church would do. She then would say church isn’t as important as the relationship, its what is in your heart. At that point I would change the subject and that would be it for the day. But every other conversation found some way to travel down that path. If I had known that would be the last day that I would talk to her I wouldn’t have let the conversation end at that. I somehow had the feeling that she knew that something big would eventually happen. Now I look at my broken wristwatch and wonder if I have any time left. It was odd how the churches were filled the first few weeks, but now they are starting to empty out. There are so many theories that it would be ridiculus to publish them and lead my faithful readers down a path of wrong guesses from the wrong people. What really happened, what I know now, what I believe now makes me sick to think I didn’t know it would happen when it was right there when I passed the churches, bookstores, and those crazy people on the street corners yelling “The day is comming soon! Ask Jesus into your heart and live!”. What I wouldn’t give to be standing beside them and proclaiming the truth. Even then time was almost gone. I don’t need to report about that dreadful day, that day that has haunted all of us and will continue to haunt us even after it is over. Unfortunately we will all manage to forget that day. It will happen soon enough. We can read the papers about this miracle man that has appeared out of nowhere, he who gives freely without wanting anything in return, but what we read today will wound us and hurt us in the years to come. The weather will fail, but he works around that, food shall buy a bag of gold, and a bag of gold an old loaf of moldy bread but he buys food with nothing and gives it to those who follow him. Those who follow him will perish the day that he is punished. This life is hard for those who believe in Jesus, but harder will be the lives of those who refuse to believe in Him. I am the one who stands on the corner in the place of those crazy people, I summon my courage to bellow “The day has arrived! Choose now to accept Jesus into your hearts, choose now to live. This is the only time to make that decision! The day has arrived!” I include the roman’s road in there somewhere. One of these days I’ll have to stop. I’ll have to run. I’ll have to starve. But through all of this, my Lord, Jesus Christ will be there strengthening me. The Holy Spirit will teach me. God will guide me. This love I didn’t understand before is all I have left now. So now faithful readers, I ask you to read your Bibles and come to church. Most any church will do.


We know Iran has nuclear capability, we know Iran has a target: Israel, we know we have to do something. The Bible says “I will curse those who curse you and bless those who bless you.” That has not changed, nor will it ever change. I suspect that if we do nothing then indeed we would be cursed as a nation, but if we do something to protect Israel then we would experience a great blessing like that we recieved just after we recognized Israel’s government and statehood. Unfortunately, Iran’s President says that they shouldn’t settle for the Gaza Strip when they can wipe everybody off of the continent. Is this a threat or a rally cry? We may come to know that answer in the days to come.

Have you ever seen those sci-fi shows where they push a button on a remote control and a person carries out a specific action? It is no longer sci-fi but reality. This is a bad idea waiting to happen because somebody will find someway to hack into it and cause a crime spree, or something else equally bad or worse. Maybe the fact that the device is a special remote control and headset. The headset uses low-voltage electricity to tell you what to do. Even if you wanted to move another way than the remote control would cause you to feel that you would loose your balance. Not everybody agrees with this technology. The makers hope that Apple will bite and use it on their next IPods. That just makes it more accessible to find a way to hack into it. Of course, I could just be paranoid … but I don’t think so.

So, we’ve got bad weather, war, and a lack of morals or values plaguing the nation. Things could be worse. Things will get worse. There are worse things than worse things.

A recent article at HSW mentioned that people are thinking of the apocolypse because of the recent episodes of bad weather causing death on a massive scale. The article went on to say that it was a definite possibility, but there have been several definite possibilities as much as a hundred years ago. A hundred years ago we didn’t have nuclear capability or the ability to wage war on the massive scale possible today. A hundred years ago we didn’t have to coax people into the services with money but they would go for the love of their country and their families. A hundred years ago, the date was 1905 …

I was wondering what was going on and all with all of the happenings in the Soviet Union and their conflict with the Japaneese. Somebody from cleaveland had just recieved a fourteen year sentence for fraud and Albert Einstein recently published a paper and kept himself busy for a time working on this and that. Then there was that earthquake in India that killed about 20,000 poor souls. Las Vegas as well as a couple of Candian Providences were born. Not to mention that trial whereabouts new years that charged the Western Federation of Miners for the crime of blowing up the ex-governor. Novocane came but it wasn’t in use everywhere. Finally, the first U-boat began to terrorize the waters – our only link to Europe. Of course, these things didn’t bother me because I work at the bakery. I just make something sweet and think of how blessed this nation is – our leaders haven’t turn the government upside-down, children aren’t demonstration in the streets, no massacres or fighting. I turn to walk down the streets and wonder what would it be like a hundred years from now, but try as I might, I can’t. A lot can happen in a hundred years. That what Gram told me. Many things we have they couldn’t have dreamed of then and many things we can’t dream of now our children will have tomorrow. So now that I am old and frail I sit in the company of my wonderful grandchildren and wonder what will become of things as they are and will things be when it is their turn to be grandparents.

You have the feeling that time means nothing in the Labyrinth. As you traverse closer to the light it still seems so far away. Eventually you find that there are only dead ends here. You turn around to leave and start heading that way when you hear somebody call out to you. What was a dead end just seconds ago is now an open passageway into a well lit room. There is a strange company of a half dozen around a folding table sitting on folding chairs. There is a triangular board on the table and everybody has a small pile of dark brown coins. You’d venture a guess at pennies, but few things are what they seem here. None of the company are really human, though some of them do look like you aside from outranges hues of skin and impossible hair styles. Eventually they convice you to join them for a game or two. The name of the game is Ptolm. You tell them that you’ve never heard of it and it would be better if you watched. They’ll teach you as the game progresses they agree. There are five players, two who choose from the letters, two from the numbers, and the last keeps the rules and counts the score and settles the accounts. The first two players are chosen, you are player two. The second two players are chosen, player four is on your team. He explains that the first letter is alternately chosen by players one and two and the second letter is chosen by the one who did not choose the first letter, the letters range from a to i. The letters correspond to a square on the grid which has a numerical value between one and nine if the number is below five then our opponent wins a point, if it is above then we win a point and if it is five then the moderator wins that point. Each square can only be chosen twice and then it is excluded from play for the duration of play with that particular board. Players three and four use their intuition and memory in some cases to increase the winnings from play, they share an account of winnings which is split at the end by a certain rule albeit not exactly fair as well as the reserve which is equally split. There are several words which describe the action taken to increase the accounts: Risk means that the player thinks that the point would go to his or team and are putting three points on the line. Naut means that they do not agree and put down one point. Pull means that a quarter of the account is going to be put in the reserve and can not be taken out unless a player says dare which puts half of the reserve on the line. If a player thinks the number is five the term would be meet and put two on the line. Once a board can’t be played either player says rand which scrambles the board and allows all square to be put into play again.  to end the game either player says call, at the end of the round the accounts are settled. rand can only be called twice in a game assuming that at least three fourths of the board is unplayable. The moderator keeps a list of all letter pair values and is the only one who knows the values for all of the numbers. The reserve is a bank of sorts allowing the players to always have a small amount stashed in a safer location. Player three’s account is half of player ones minus one if the number is odd. Player four’s account is half of player two’s account plus one if the number is odd. The game begins and you quickly catch on. You didn’t have any money when you came to the table, but your partner was kind enough to lend you a decent amount to play with. The game picks up the pace and soon you are playing at a furious rate but you can’t shake the feeling that everybody around you thinks of you as slow. After what would be five a quarter hours or so your team calls the game. Once the money is split and you repay the loan you have fourty copper pieces left. You get up to leave but another game has already started. This time you are player four. Oddly enough you see the strategy in the game. At this point you are able to recognize the best play and leave the table with seventy copper pieces. Everybody is very much so impressed with your beginner’s luck, but you know that the game ends here. You excange the seventy copper for two irons and two ironicks. Your teammate tells you that even if you don’t play the game, the game goes on and you would still win or loose, but the winnings are better if you always play even if you gain nothing at the present and that there is always something to be won in the long term. You take your leave of the unforgettable creatures and walk through the passageway. You turn around to challenge them, there is yet another dead end behind you. You can only go forward hoping that somehow you’ll go back, but you know that would never happen. You can’t even hear them, but at least the darkness is gone. You think you hear water nearby but aren’t quite certain.

*Ptolm is a rare game which can become even more complicated with the commands Take, Miss, Keep, Plus, Lose, Fair, Toss, and others which cause many confusion among the beginners. These players do nothing but play under the presumption known as Pascal’s Wager which is as follows: “You have two things to lose: the true and the good; and two things to stake: your reason and your will, your knowledge and your happiness; and your nature has two things to avoid: error and wretchedness. Since you must necessarily choose, your reason is no more affronted by choosing one rather than the other. That is one point cleared up. But your happiness? Let us weigh up the gain and the loss involved in calling heads that God exists. Let us assess the two cases: if you win, you win everything: if you lose, you lose nothing. Do not hesitate then: wager that he does exist. If you are unable to believe, it is because of your passions since reason impels you to believe and yet you cannot do so. Concentrate then not on convincing yourself by multiplying proofs of God’s existence but by diminishing your passions. You want to find faith, and you do not know the road. You want to be cured of unbelief, and you ask for the remedy: learn from those who were once bound like you and who now wager all they have. . . . They behaved just as if they did believe.”  They continue to play but they never wager everything because they always want to have something to hold on to and to show for their work which time would count as eight years. Every new player that introduces a fair amount of money which was earned in the Labyrinth brings new concepts to the game that cause it to increase the winnings and raise the stakes. On the other hand, for those who never bet it all, how would they know the result in a place that is never what it seems and the rules would never be what they seem? In the game of Labyrinth and Life there are days which leave you with nothing, but you still always have something. In Ptolm even he or she who wins also looses, but that is yet another story.

It’s dark and its cold. The snow falls like the clouds were slowly falling but not the sky, never the sky. I can see my breath through a puff of air and another and another. My fingers are red and numb even with the gloves. Weary step after weary step I finally reach the top of the hill. The inner tube makes a hollow thunk as it hits the freshly fallen snow. It can’t be eight-thirty, but it is. At least schools out so I’m not alone, but the street comes as well. No snowboarding, I don’t know how to do it yet – or well at least. We don’t use plastic sleds anymore, you can still find their pieces at the other hill even though its been over a year since were broke them there. The brook is there, but it is silent under the thick ice. I can’t feel my face now. I don’t suppose I’ll ever get used to it. I can’t remember a time when I felt this when I was little except when we were visiting family in the north, oddly whereabouts we reside. That snow was deep enough to my knees but at the time I’d never seen so much snow ever. The inner tube makes a hissing sound as it picks up speed. Once upon a time we’d have to bail or brave the weeds, but now it goes further and faster because that is no longer a problem. Grass still won’t grow, probably because those weeds took everything to get big. The vehicle comes to a complete stop somewhere at the neighbors. I follow my footsteps to the top of the hill for another trip or so. I make it halfway up and look around. The youngin’s no longer play because they aren’t allowed. The one hill I’d like to try I can’t because of the trees. Its so steep, but there is a tree naught more than ten feet from where the hill meets at the ground. I can picture what would happen – the trip would last half a minute, after some time I’d come to realizing that I had hit my head on the tree, the inner tube would suffer such a blow that its demise was fate and I’d suffer the consequences of doing something foolish and have poison ivy/oak/sumac as a reminder. That would not even be a worst case scenario, but considering that would likely occur, yet there is something to be said about the hill. I don’t think I’ll ever go down it at all, not anymore anyway.

Sliding makes me think of the old park. Nobody ever was there when we went, I still have the suspicion that nobody but us knows about the place. The only interesting playground toy there is the slide, it is chrome and red and aged with a fair amount of scribbles from people who wrote I was here or something else, tall as one of our trees which comepetes with the houses on the hills nearby. I remember that it was more or less adult sized because it took almost forever to reach the top. Luckily the way down wasn’t so long.  

That slide was nothing to a water slide I once went down twice. It was at a water park in the late summer. Cloudy. A little chilly, but it warmed up. The way up was long and longer when the line was three flights from the top. I had the choice of taking two routes with inner tubes or the one without. I chose the one without. There really wasn’t a line because few dared to take it. The water sped me up and the super jets pushed me off of the slide entirely – just air – three – two- one – whoosh! It was over. So I chanced to take it again, but that sunburn felt every pane that connected it together and was the cause of a good deal of pain.

 I liked the one though was comepletely dark with the exception a lighted tiki mask or that was gone the instant you saw it.

 I remember an indoor roller coaster that was much the same.

I figure that by seeing what lies ahead a person is more likely to say “Un-uh, no way, Lord, I know that this is your plan, but … I don’t really want to risk it … It’s not safe …” But if a person is left in the dark about what is coming up then they’ll just do what he/she is asked as be all the better for it. Would you pass up a roller coaster because it is too intense looking? what about one you can’t see?

You are in the Labyrinth in the dark. You can see a point of light twinking in the distance. Chance to approach it?

I chose yon, ere I travel hither and thither glimpsing it. Why it not be dignified running the gamut so to say to find it be as thought. May this naught be but a jest? Aye, it is on my part! There are just some words that are far too much fun to use to see if people understand what you’re saying, plus the bonus that it is english. so if someone says “speak in english” you can be like “I am!” It’s just a little outdated that’s all.

Ojala que yo puedo usar ese en una programa, pero piensa que era mucho trabajo en mio parte. Tengo noticicias, mi hermana de ecuador llamo hoy, era buen a escucha a ella pero ella era enfermo.


The Planet of the Apes quintology is a sci-fi classic that I hope I can catch while we have cable. I’ve been wanting to see Soylent Green, 2001: A Space Oddesey,  for quite some time. And somehow I’ve come to find a small treasure trove which I’ve devoted a good deal of time pillaging. I’ll say for now that the Planet of the Apes series is flawed.