I’m sorry that my blog is so far behind. I didn’t do it on purpose. I was building dramatic tension. This one is going to be lengthy, so lets just start. I did catch the made for TV version of The Poseidon Adventure starring Steve Guttenberg and featuring a terrorist plot. It incorporated the usual conditions affecting a nation that has been slowly decaying from the inside out (the heart of our nation is its people. A number of them are not teaching/not being taught/not knowing the truths of the Bible. They are leading empty lives and filling that void with whatever they can throw at it. The answer is right in the bible it says that the more things that people try to fill their lives at the emptier they get because only God can give them the peace they are so desperately searching for or something to that effect). Some people died, some people lived, some people could have lived, but died, some people could have died but lived. I do think that the filling of water in the capsized cruise liner was unrealistic, not to mention some of the obstacles that they face, why are not any of the other passengers who were not in the main ballroom/eatery/whatever survivors as well? They, aside from being crushed by their furniture, should have survived. I can only hope that Kurt Russell’s portrayal of whichever character is better.

They came, they saw, they conquered, they dominated, they cooked, they ate, they cleaned, they left. Which is in accordance with several of the unwritten house rules. I think that the event would have been just as interesting as Peter Pan’s favorite Never-Game as mentioned in the classic Hook featuring Robin Williams and a very interesting point at the end, death isn’t the last great adventure, it is life. Living, and yet none of us know how. We think living is partying, getting rich, having more, and doing more. We are clearly mistaken. I wonder why an adult would walk into a mall and shoot people if he believes that the mall is a cause of many bad things. Why do people get a form of depression known as sad around the holidays? Why do we teach children to believe in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, the Sandman, and that list is just a few of those among my own culture. We, and I among us, watch way too much television, if people had read H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds, the panics in New Jersey area and Quito, Ecuador would not have been so far widespread, or resulted in such violent deaths in the latter incidence. One reason for people being so bad, as suggested by one of the characters in Lemony Snickett’s A Series of Unfortunate Events says that it simply because they do not read books, but they often burn them. Though I would burn them if I were in a day after tomorrow situation, but I would burn only books I don’t like.

As for the reason why I haven’t been able to post, we managed to remove the CD-ROM drives from the “my computer” folder as well as anywhere else they could have been found. I spent a good two or so hours hashing out the conflict on the customer service phone and learned a good many things, as opposed to bad, about the insides and out of the particular computer I was dealing with emphasis on the inside. We’ll have two new drives shipped out this way and a tech will have to deal with it. Luckily our warranty doesn’t expire until December.

Ahhhhh. Organized chaos. The state things are in and the way things will always be. We are usually short on time and never finish the entire list, so it sort of carries over like that rollover plan only worse. I like this chaos because it is what I’ve known. It is the fact that I know that there is always peace right there at the end of the latest episode, as if it were like a daytime drama about a functional family that is just waiting. We are like the guy who is first in the line for that new game console system. We will wait as long as we have to, but it is very, and I emphasize very difficult to wait. Very difficult to wait when your state is nothing but turnpikes and tollroads or very long strait and empty roadway conveniently located near the middle of nowhere. Very difficult to wait when you have little or no patience.

A fairly common saying in my church is “It’s not a matter of if, but when” which applies to all sorts of interesting stuff: fasting, praying, singing, dancing, drinking and eating, supplication. … At any rate it also applies to the end times, though not all of us agree about the order of things exactly so we are trying be prepared all around, but that is another blog another day. It makes me think that no matter how many times I read The Phantom Tollbooth that I would still discover yet another lesson that I hadn’t thought of before. And to think I used to think of it as an entertaining piece of fiction! I now think of it as an entertaining piece of fiction and useful quote book about the obstacles one might face in education and a number of odd things. A line from Roald Dahl’s Classic involving a chocolate factory states that “TV kills imagination dead, it dulls the senses in the head.” After a hard day of school, it was okay. During summer it was fine. Now it’s a nuisance. I have plans that I can’t complete because of TV. “The object is to collect gems, and fruit. It is pointless and yet I am compelled to play.” That one girl from the last season of Angel who sort of died said that. The object is to kill time, and imagination. It is pointless and yet I am compelled to watch.

We spend a little too much time debating some of the small stuff and that time that could have been spent witnessing is wasted and can not be returned. We could debate almost every other word in the Bible in its present and past contexts. Creation theories, flood theories, tower of Babel theories, lost tribes of Israel theories. What a “day” means, what a “thousand years” means, whether or not God is bound by his creations i.e. time or space or matter. The definitions of “without shape” and “void”, and just about anything and everything else with just with each other, the whole church everybody, Christian, Catholic, and everybody else who has Jesus way up there with God. That accomplishes little more than expelling the hot air of our breath on a cold day that is common after Thanksgiving. I’m not going to get started on that, as it would be a violation of one of the cardinal rules. Witnessing is a thing that a number of us are shaky on. I wonder if it would be like the occasional obscure Christian movie featured on the Christian channel.

We read the Left Behind series in a very short amount of time, assuming little or no interruptions in about three days we move on to begin another, and then another. All totaled there are a great number of letters, words, paragraphs, and pages maybe a bit over the Bible. Yet it takes longer to read it and still one may have to read it more than once to understand a section of it and the next time one reads it, it has a whole new meaning. Wow. That is inspired writing, it took hundreds of years to write from its very first word to its very last. Now there is a new version of it out that is a crime. It softens the harsh truth of punishment becoming of sin-filled lifestyles. It makes it into a work that is not worth the words “Holy Bible” printed upon it. It is ambiguous in the areas where marriage is clearly defined in the other versions, I forget its name, but it is wrong. Avid readers know my collection, but it will not be found amongst it. In a world where people want HD Plasma TVs, I just want a bookshelf and books to fill it with. Oddly enough, the walls featured in Fahrenheit 411? Are like our Plasma TVs, and may soon be just one part of a nasty future in store for us.

Why war video games? Aren’t we doing a disservice to the people whom actually fought in actual wars? I no longer know of anyone to ask how he or she would feel about this, but I have a feeling that is something that just begins a disturbing turn down a very dark path. Don’t get me wrong, I like the movie Glory, it’s very historically accurate, but I don’t think that playing Pearl Harbor will guarantee you would have walked away had you actually been there. This is why I am not thrilled with the majority of Christian first-person shooter games. What does the Bible have to do with shooting things?

Another day another well, that’s an old saying. I do think that people wouldn’t have to deal with so much drama if some of it wasn’t because of the way they relate to other people. I also think that our cartoons are not living up to there potential. Are their cartoons based on the Bible? That would be something to see. The Bible would be such an interesting RPG, toss in realistic graphics and sounds, and add some emotion and the like so that it would be more than just a game.

Classic games? Majority of Nintendo’s NES now GBA line. N64s Zelda Ocarina, some say FF series, Oddworld puts a twist on industry, pong, and all of those other games that earn a special place in the media library, music collection, movie archives, and depository of odds’n’ends. They all are unique and each have a bit of something, consistency, oddness, plots, twists, adventures, character development and that one thing that I don’t really know what it is and therefore can not place a name upon it.

Since I have a tendency to lose things, one of which being a train of thought, coincidentally, I have just lost one now, so I’m saving this and I’ll return to it at a later time. Back again and I have no idea about what I was going to say on the subject of losing things and finding them again, so I’ll just skip ahead to the next subject, but there might be a slight time delay of several hours. Maybe the rest is best left to be written in another blog eventually.


There is the occassional teacher or professor who’ll outright tell you that the Holocaust didn’t happen. They say there is no proof. In certain countries, Austria for one, denying that the Holocaust occured would get you up to ten years to ponder if it really did happen in a nine by nine cell. In hundreds of history books for almost all Europe, all America, and maybe even in the orient you’ll find the story. There are classes on the subject taught in a number of schools. There are some people who remember living through it. There are the camps that still stand, some offer tours where daises grow in the shower rooms. It happened. There are some colleges that find ways to deny that Jesus exists by not making it easy for his followers to attend or do their work. They’ll tell you that by following Him you’ll risk your grades and some of the consequences you would not like. The proof He exists? If it isn’t in us then maybe they’ll take a look at the pictures that are drawn of Him which can be found throughout Europe. Some say there is more proof that Jesus existed than Julius Caesar, and Julius Caesar had his head on every coin in his kingdom. I heard a story about a dig that took place in mexico. National Geographic was there to take pictures and interview the archaeologists. One of which was a Christian had just discovered a set of human footprints right beside dinosaur footprints. The other was an athiest who stood right in front of the discovery and said “We were hoping to find something – but we haven’t. This leads me to conclude that dinosaurs were not present on this side of the ocean at the time we have dated the strata.” Who do these people think they are fooling? Who do they think they will have to answer to on judgement day?

If you didn’t take spanish at my school -> its not worth using a translating tool – don’t

¡Hola! ¿Que Pasa? Estoy tratando para dice todo ese en espanol. Es demasiado trabajo para escribe totalmente bien. La sol esta bajo ahora, en probalemente uno o dos horas, mas o menos un minuto o mas la sol levanta. El perro nuevo que nosotros llama Mason es muy grande. El bebe mucho agua y derramalo en una persona cerca a el. es la faulta de el que mis pantalones no esta seca ahora. No me gusta cuando es tan oscuro. Yo se que hay un diferencia grande de odio y de temo. No no quedo imaginarlo en lugares que son norte de aqui. Cuando yo escucho a musica en espanol, yo pienso que la musica aqui no vives, es duermido, es estupido, es mal, es todos los otros cosas que puede dice de algo tan malo. Es lo mismo de los bailes, no es musica si no puedes cantarlo. cuando yo asisto la escuela, puedo entender todas cosas en espanol, pero ahora yo trabajo por eso. Puedo jugar videojuegos, puedo ver una pelicula, pero estoy tratando para trabajo en espanol. Si yo ir alli, yo quiero saber que la gente alli esta diciendo y habla sin una libro de espanol en mi mano izquierda. Cuando yo primero dice hola a la estudiantes de paises otros yo pienso “que bien, tengamos ella para aprender que genta en America…”. Asi como era duermen. Ella me aprende que para vivir, neccictas ir alli y viven alli asi como era nacio alli. Ella gano todo la primera vez que jugar algo. Ella era muy popular porque ella era una amiga a todos. Y todos era una amiga/o a ella porque no hay tiempo para luchar. Solo nostoros piensen que hay tiempo para cosas que son no importes ahora y las cosas importes pueden espera cuando es la otra, hay tiempo para cosas importes ahora y todos otros cosas pueden espera. Yo era un poquito triste cuando yo no veo los Latin Grammys, pero ahora escuche a la musica de la Latin Grammy y pienso no era tan bien de la primera vez, pero hay una cancion o otro que es bien y yo quiero escucha a un otro tiempo. ¡Yo veo la luz del sol ahora! ¡Solo una hora y medio! Espera que no me oldivi espanol porque yo pienso que hay un dia que yo neccisitolo y no se cuando. Mi familia piensen que hay una persona quien esta tratando para robar los perros quen ambos estan vale mas de cinquienitos dollares. Yo veo que yo neccisito mas practico.

It’s a bible game. It’s a quiz game. It has mini-games. It has popular christian music. It has the ten curses God brought down upon Egypt and an emphasis on the Old Testament. It has something else. Mix in the Old Testament, add intense heat and don’t advertise but put in only on the shelves of K-marts across America and you have The Bible Game. It’s the rare exception to the common 1st person shooter christian video game. I think I’ll continue to play the game until I reach first place. This game I wholeheartedly reccomend because its for the PS2 and it can be played on the PS3 – otherwise it would be pointless to own one. As for the game itself, I can guarantee it, you’ll find nothing like it until more christian games catch on for the consoles and at least one of them would be a first person shooter. I always wondered why? It’s not like that type of game represents the games I’d like to play. It would have to have heavy focus on the Bible, be an RPG, realistic and awesome graphics, I would make it so anybody could play it and the parentals would be fine with it. I’d have some scenes in color and others in B&W shot in the 40s PI Style. I would have prologues and conlogues (monologues, ?logues) be passages of the Bible. I would have the standard weapons until you reach the NT and trade it in for the spiritual weapons and armor. I would exaggerate some things and diminish others. I don’t have the ability to make it the way I want it NOW, but I can program some things in QBasic and some things in Java. That is how I came to decide my future I would attend «•”ªº¿¡•». Which I hear a delightful place. I already know what it is I plan to study unless God intervenes and sends me somewhere else. I have an equal chance of becoming a storm chaser, an archeologist, a Carmelita Spatts look-a-like (extensive imagination use required), as I refuse to grow up. Ipso facto … neutiquam erro … ita erat quando hic adveni … solum potestis prohibere ignes silvarum.  By the fact itself, I am not lost, it was that way when I arrived, only you can prevent forest fires. But first things first, and that is the first thing, because it would just not be right to do the second thing or the third thing without doing the first thing first or it wouldn’t be first! Now that the sun is up, as opposed to being down, left, right, wrong, whatever, I think i’ll tp the pt pt using tp.

Every once in a while, I visit BibleGateway.com. Todays verse was: “For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you and asking God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding. – Colossians 1:9”. The apropriate commentary included two pages, the latter twice as lengthy as the former. I haven’t read it all, but I might get around to it monday. If I were sick in a hospital, I would like to hear nothing more than “Look, (my name), since we heard  that you took ill, we got everybody together and prayed, and a good many of them are still praying.” My church is a special family, like this verse, aside from minor differences: “42They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. 43Everyone was filled with awe, and many wonders and miraculous signs were done by the apostles. 44All the believers were together and had everything in common. 45Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need. 46Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, 47praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved. Acts 2:42-47″. Parts II and VIII coming soon.

It doesn’t get any nastier, does it?

It started with a statement, saying something to the effect of “Evolution has some gaps in it and we are going to introduce you to the idea of Intelligent Design which states that the watch must have a watchmaker so must the earth have a earthmaker – a creator that is not neccisscarily God but many believe that he is.” The parents caught wind so they called their friendly branch of the Pensylvania American Civil Law Union and mentioned that they were teaching something sort of christian. They, who would love nothing more than to see zero-tolerance for christian ethics and teaching in a country said to be eighty-eight percent christian, jumped on the oppurtunity to intervene in the affair. For weeks and weeks there was much turmoil as people were called into the courtroom or school board room being interviewed and then it happened. There were too many republicans on the board who said look, it isn’t so bad. The parents pulled some strings and replaced every single one of them with a democrat who would vote how they would want it. This is like what God said to Samuel, they are not rejecting you, they are rejecting Me. So I say the same to the republican members of the school board, they are not rejecting you, but God. Which the consequences of their action will be unpleasant.

The other day there was a high speed chase on tv. They credited the two rigs for stopping him, but they forgot to credit the other two rigs for signifigantly slowing the guy down. They couldn’t have pulled it off so cleanly if the two didn’t slow the guy down. So remember to be nice to those guys and girls who put up with your driving on the road.

There is this radio station, bought by a guy who plays whatever he wants. I was wondering if he’d ever thought of airing the war of the worlds broadcast that made the great panic attack of way back when. I saw an episode of Hey Arnold where they used the same idea, caused a blackout of Chicago and it was a pretty funny show. Its just a thought, a pretty funny one at that.

The Poseidon Adventure is a unique film because most disasters-at-sea don’t occur with a capsided luxury liner, a new year eve’s tidal wave and two distinct groups of people wondering if the other is insane. I recently caught the begining of the movie a day or so ago. It bothered me that the renegade reverend didn’t learn something like maybe there is God after all because the children survived. The interesting factors in the movie was linked to that reverend because of his flawed beliefs, but they were right, which is a small consolation due to the fact that many others would have if they had listened. The lessons from this movie – The captain knows the boat, er ship, so he shouldn’t have had to listen to the owner’s representative. The kids, the elderly who were the least likely to be able to get out of there did survive (but some of the did lose their lives in noble sacrifice or accident as the boat wasn’t the best think to travel in.) I noticed that some people used an archaic word: “please” for example “Please get to the lifeboat stations, please.” – dying line of a man with a fatal wound, and that kid “Please excuse me sir, but the hull is only an inch thick in the aft propellar shaft…My friend the engineer who works there told me.” The Jersey/NYC cop is a hot headed guy who doesn’t appreciate the kid “He’s a kid – what does he know?”  What else is a kid going to do an an aging luxury liner other than bug the workers and learn a thing or two? I don’t remember the exact survivors – but I would guess the two kids who are brother and sister, the store owner, the singer, and the elderly man who lost his wife during the hazardous journey up to the bottom of the ship. The store owner and the singer probably get married and tell their kids “I met your mother/father on a luxury liner. She was singing for the passengers when the boat capsized/He was on his first vacation in ages. Your uncle died there and your father convinced your mother to go with him to find a way to make it to safely and somehow fell in love and got married …” The sequel of this show is said to be lacking – so let’s not go there. The elderly guy probably got to Israel where he met his two year old grandchild for the first time and gave him the necklace that his wife wanted him to recieve. The two kids made it to their mothers/fathers where they lived a long and happy life recieving occasional therapy for the traumatic experience. Maybe the officer and his wife survived and took a plane back to the states, but that is a wild guess. At any rate, none of these are in the sequel. I figured a capsized boat would eventually fill with water and get so heavy, it would sink but apparently in the sequel some week or so after the ordeal people are still in there eating whatever they can find the drier compartments and you met salvagers. It isn’t a good film to see. I said all of this to say that Nov. 20th they’ll be putting on the television version of the film on the air and that in 2006 they’ll release the cinematic version featuring Kurt Russell probably as the Renegade Reverend which should be a thing to see. I must confess that I’m worried that either or both versions would be considerably bloodier/fouler/whatever that would decrease the cinematic experience.