Stripping wallpaper, painting primer, and removing shelves: that’s what’s in for me should I go to the new house today. I know that when we move in it’ll be nothing but work, work, work all the time. This is why I am reluctant to do more than I have to now. At any rate, there is much be done and not enough time to do it in. I guess to some it wouldn’t make sense to redecorate a house, but for us, even if the last owners remodeled the interior, we have to paint and strip wallpaper and paint so the place feels like our own. What’s that old work song?


I haven’t been up to much, just watching season two of Hogan’s Heroes. We used to watch it whenever it was on, but we haven’t seen it on the classic tv channel for awhile now. They started airing it in 1965, it was black and white and more relelvant then than it is now, yet it is still amazingly funny. I caught this new cartoon last night, Ben 10. Its not like my old faves, but its got enough potential to become a new one. I’ve much work to do on the old computer, a certain person with Midas’ Touch has managed to mess it us, I’ve fixed it, but since there are no rules on that, I’ve got to have constant vigillance. It’s only because if he had access to only one computer then that one would most frequently mess up, I have to put up with the loss of my music library, featuring the best and quite frankly or surely difficult and time consuming movie waves to locate. So much to do, but so little time.

With the new house and all, this next week or so is going to be busy. We’ve got alot of painting to do and not enough time to get it done in. Nana’ll be around then so we’re just counting the days. Somebody looking over my shoulder wanted me to add these two cents: we’re closing in two days. I’m hoping we can find a place to set up the chess set and play it there. We’ve so much room I don’t think there’ll be a problem in the foreseeable future. Why that phrase? Can we really forsee any part of the future? I really don’t think so, we might know somethings are coming up, like the closing. But we won’t forsee some little problems with something or another. In speaking of the foreseeable future …

Some might call me a creature of habit, and that’s just fine with me, maybe I am, but now that we’re moving this whole house has turned upside down, well maybe thirty degrees the wrong way at least. I’m going to learn how to safely burn the house down, or logs at least. Maybe I’ll learn to use the old lawnmower to mow the lawn, the new one my bro will have loads of fun working the snow shoveler and the something deck. I’m going to get bookshelves and start filling them up with only the finest literature a couple of classics, several series, such as unforunate events, narnia, left behind, world book of knowledge, and also programming books and other books, though none of the will be the for dummies, I’m just a step above that. There are boxes everywhere, I can’t tell you how many, at least twenty in my room alone, but proably closer to thirty-five. Not to mention the closets and other places filled up with boxes. Enough for now.

“Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool! Gol Gol Gol Gol Gol Gol Gol Gol Gol Gol!” The enthusiastic announcer’s voice rang out as Toluca had just made their second goal against Monterrey. I think I’m going to start watching Futbol Mexicano, its more lively than some sports we have, and very entertaining. That particular game ended in favor to Toluca, tres to cero. There is one thing to be said about sunrise and sunset, though the former is late and the latter is early, it always has the most interesting hues dancing across the sky. We’ve already got a good deal packed away, but we can’t really leave anything behind, we’ll need it to help us fill up the new place. Junk accumulates depending on space, the more space the more junk. That’s my theory, but I can’t seem to get it published anyway. I’ve already forgotten what the far wall of my room looks like. Currently its packed with boxes, one or two more rows at the top would make it touch the ceiling, two rows deep. I picture a pool table in the far living room and bookshelves in the near living room from the door. Didn’t know I played pool? It’s a tradition, much like air hockey, when we’d visit the Y, we get a game or two in. My grandparents had a pool table in their basement, it was old, a little uneven, but you could still play on it. We’d stay down there until Grandpa shouted at us to get out of there eventually he’d strait off tell us it was flooded or something. (In the middle of a drought?) We found other places to go and play and other things to do elsewhere. Anyway, yeah, I play pool. I’m not good or anything, I know how to play and I am lucky to win. I’m going to leave this here for today.

Ahhh. Its a nice day. That coin flips in the air, summersault after summersault and a possible 360 half quarter. Heads. The house is ours. We’re moving in January, the walls will be painted and every room redecorated as we go. I’ll have a room I can not possibly fill, but i might get a couch to help with that. I’m trying to get in touch with some of my friends – few of whom have I seen since graduation parties – one not since graduation itself. I’ve never been able to keep in touch – my last school I don’t want to see a person from there for a very, very long time. If people don’t keep in touch with me, i have trouble thinking I should keep in touch with them. Doesn’t everybody scatter to the four winds after graduation anyway? wheather school, jobs, or anything. I think I know what I’m going to do about the future. I’ll live day to day till I get a job, then after two years I’ll have enough to begin going to school – assuming I get that Left Handed Scholarship. Before that though, I’ll probably put the Issue before God, like they would have done it in the OT, the only way to get the future going good as far as I know.

Flip a coin, that’s how you tell if we are moving or not. We spent a pretty penny getting the place inspected. The water smells horribly there. Sure, the place does look great, two fireplaces, wood floors and walls, a desk, massive closets, something called a dining room, and it does look great, but the water smells, there are issues with the well, water softener, a potential for wood rot, and the septic system is so horrible it is not functional. I have a feeling that a truck driver I just read about, by the name of Lamp, will be a light who joins the christian truck driving association. He had just survived a 30-ft fall from an overpass bridge over in Ohio. If I’m not mistaken, somewhere else in Ohio, awhile back ago, a bridge collapsed in the water and the divers reported seeing fish that were large enough to swallow the divers, if not the cars, whole. I don’t doubt that, back in OK we had a pond with nine carp we figure to be two to three feet in length probably twenty pounds or so each. It was their fault that the catfish numbers and other smaller fish were dwindling. I didn’t see too much on the news, but I’m looking at hsw’s Christmas article and I’m learning a number of interesting things while I’m at it. I’ve been up for awhile now, I have some other things I need to see to, so for now I’ll just leave this right here.