So I was a little sad saturday and sunday. so much sad that I didn’t feel like making chili. So I didn’t. The way david tells it, all the winners tied so we would pretty much be still fourth anyway. Fourth isn’t bad though. Anyway I was thinking about Bible versus, we’re blessed because we bless (help) the chosen people of God. He said he’d call the unwanted beloved and the undesiarable loved, and lots of other verses. I hope I can turn it into something interesting. We been stuck on one level of chip’s challenge for a week now. We got the animated solution but we agree that solution takes the fun out of it. I must say that having the other computer up and running in my room is pretty useful. Whenever I get the urge to write it is far easier than waiting an hour before my turn. Yes, I share that computer with all takers, but I find there is less clutter on either computers when I use both. I must leave to find that which is lost.


I love the view of the stars out here! I’d like to build a small deck in the front yard where we can sit and look up. I’d like to catch a falling star someday out here… it would be nice. (Not catch catch – that would hurt.) It is  unfortunate that it is cold because I’d much like to see the stars than to chill trying to. Still looking for those old games. I am looking under legal abandonware instead of shareware because they just might be old enough where so few people want them, they are too difficult to find through that channel. I daresay that I’m going to wait a week or so and then get back onto looking for the games, I’m plum tuckered out for doing as much work as I have.

The search for old games still continues. Having found little results, it may be time to result to desperate measures. I had mint chocolate chip ice cream last night. Daresay i’m cured? I do hope so. I will be making something good’and’tasty soon. I thought it would be easier to find old shareware, but at this point they could be labeled abandonware and unplayable for far too long. I just want my old games back! Not too much isn’t it? Nothing is really up around here. We are alright I guess. I’ve got a babysitting gig coming up, but other than that we’re pretty much up to nothing. Ahhhh. Nothing. I’ve found an old favorite of mine has been updated and so I’m trying to pull it off the internet and slap it on the other computer. I have a theory that you can find almost anything on the internet and if you work hard enough, you can find almost anything for free. The harder you work at finding it the free-er it is. Now that theory is looking a little shaky, but then again, I’ve found quite a bit before that some people thought: “There’s no way – no way you could find that on the internet.” I will continue looking, tis the least I can do.

So we’re a week or two from beating chip’s challenge. It has been fun. I’ve a game coming out in a couple of short weeks or in a few long weeks. It’ll be interesting. I’m checking my sites and everything is within specified paramaters. We have a bookshelf now! Gee Whillikers there are many, many, wonderful books. Sorry about that line, but my second series has some interesting words, jawohl(yahvolt), herraus, raus, Gee Whilikers, and they are equally fun to say, as fun as a bronx cheer is annoying.

I’m looking for an old game right now. The MC fell asleep in math class and wakes up in the legendary labyrinth. Then the player moves from room to room meeting some of the more interesting members of greek mythology. meeting the minotaur three times is bad – but escaping is an interesting trick if you know how. Its sort of text/graphic. I don’t know the name, but we used to play it at school alongside Oregon Trail.

It was bizzare. I had lit two candles that day and I was drying the votive holders so that I could use them for another purpose. The shorter of the two and I were halfway down the hall and it shattered. I had used too much force. I thought “Oh look, I’m bleeding. How about that?” Four cuts, three band-aids, two trashed votive holders, and an hour later I was just starting to settle down.

So this is going to be fun. According to madre, its because of the move that my system is shocked and I’m feeling sort of sick. I can’t drink the water here. It smells like rotten eggs. There are sufur deposits. It violates what I believe about water. Also, we have purified water with a funny taste to it. I want water with nothing floating or sinking, no smell, no taste, not hot but cold. That is water. Next time you drink your water stop and think. What does real water taste like?

Sorry for the break, we’ve been moved in for about a week now and just yesterday did the phones and internet get hooked up. We may not get cable for awhile, not until we sell the Roanoke house. I’ll try to sum things up. We bought oil, ran out, got cold, and bought more oil. The dog broke the door, was taken to vet, door fixed with plexiglass, vet kept dog a couple of hours, gave him staples, he will be fine. my sister cooks, who knew? Fires are nice, but our firewood is wet, frozen, and snow-covered. We’ve blown a couple of fuses here, we think the electricity issues are solved.

In the news, lots of death, destructions, and unhappiness, unless you go to where there is none of the above. I stop by it from time to time when nothing much interests me on regular news. Currently, I’m trying to watch Ben10, a new cartoon and no I’m not too old (am I?).