alba – I should stop watching those old westerns. Now I think I know what I want to do come retirement, settle a small ranch in Tennessee. I’d even run into the family business, sort of. As far back as I can remember, Grandpa, Uncle G and pa had cows. Now I’ve an uncle B who has cows and I know pa will get back into the business when he retires in another five years or so. Considering for every healthy cow that was born he would get $200.00, I’m thinking its not a bad way to earn a pretty penny. I’d have to have a small pond though, pa used to have to carry buckets and buckets of water to his cows, Ginger and Sugar, when we lived on two acres in Nicoma Park. If I remember correctly, they had Batman and Robin after whom we were no longer allowed to name the boy cows. Anyway, now a days I’m playing Super Mario World, I’ve gotten as far as 93% completion and I can’t figure out what I’ve missed so far. I’ve beatten Bowser, so I know I can beat the game assuming I find the last secrets in the game.


I’m still up to the same old. AgencyFB is the font today. I found this cool gif, from super mario brothers world where mario was knocking down a castle. I remember the game and I like the one where it blasts off and explodes, you get to see a bandaid on a whatchamacallit thereafter. I really want to play this game, but I need to find the rf adapter first. Although it should have been in the floor, I can’t find it. I should make a list of whatever I can’t find. I can’t find this or that or anything at anytime or whatever. I thought some things would turn up during the move, they haven’t. It looks to be like I’ve got a lot of looking to do. Ah, now I remember but I have a dillema about it. I read about in our recent readers digest. Its called remote viewing. Do you think that by training the mind a person could see something somewhere they’ve never been? According to the story, this guy was trained in the art and is often referred to as a “psychic spy”. It is a legitmate thing, as cool as it sounds I am concerned that it could be used as a foot-hold by that guy we all would like to be believe he doesn’t exist. What do you say?

I’m trying every font on the list. This one is called Aeolus. I’ve decided to stick with spanish and will spend the odd hours looking up whatever seems interesting and translating it to improve my skills. I’ve found a list of spanish music artists one of which I found interesting but I can’t seem to listen to the music of any others. The spanish version of “bare necissities” from the jungle book is entertaining. One good thing about the internet is that you’ll eventually find what you are looking for if you look long enough and leave no stone unturned. It looks like I’m done for today. It’s been fun so far I guess. The Kingdom Hearts 2 is a joke, it won’t be out until march or april.

So I’m a hypocondriac. I’m looking for filler data for a disc, one which should end hours upon hours of looking online for something much too old to be in mainstream data. I have a cdrw and I’ve made an inventory is an old list of whatever the names on the folders mean, ie old floppy is the name of the folder that has every files from the miscellaneous floppies. This is amusing. I must go because what is amusing to me is annoying to a little brother of mine. Serves me for waiting to post so long.

Sad business it is. We’re wrapping up my uncle’s last business. I’m pretty sad because we’ve recieved all of the guitars that haven’t been played and are out of tune and a number of paintings knowing that there are so many that she can’t afford to keep. All I can hope is somebody sees them and takes them, I don’t want them to be thrown away but they deserve to be shown. I’m hoping that I can take one with me when I move so I can tell everybody who asks “My uncle painted this. He died of diabetes at the age of fourty. He had only been married to my aunt for a little over five years. He loved her very much.”

So I’ve used up the last of that giftcard, I bought a book and season one of the muppet show. I’m not really sure why. I go through this process when buying something: I see something. Can I afford it? Do I really need it? Do I really really need it? Could I live without it? Usually the answer to that combonation is yes no no yes. If I take it with me and run into a relative and show it to them then I decide I no longer want it. Which is why I’d never go to the mall alone and I would have to ask whomever is with me not to give a positive, negative or neutral opinion on whatever I’m buying. Afterwards, assuming I bought it, i think “I paid that for this???” I know it always happens and it probably has to do with the fact I used to shell out anything to anybody unil like four or five years ago and then I became psuedo-scrooge. Sure I’ll dole out a dollar or two from time to time assuming I have any. I’ve already watched every episode and decided I liked the songs tomorrow, mahna mahna, and mr. cellophane and many others. Did you ever watch the show? 

There really isn’t much to post about today. The news, the nothingness, the anything that isn’t nothing. I’ve read all that I’ve wanted to and the news is just news, both old and new. I was thinking about my future though. I’ll probably go to college at some point or another. I realized I was teribbly average with tendencies to be a little eccentric. If I applied myself, I could probably be a genious, just because Einstein also failed math. I’m writing a story though, but this writer’s bloc seems to keep me from continuing it at the moment or for any point in the near future. I was working on qbasic and have managed to write the code for a box and a haunted typewriter assuming that you would hit one key at a time, it is notorisously slow. I also wrote the progress code, I’m going to figure out how to add the percentage as it increases, but that isn’t right now. I also figured out how to make a compressed folder which I will add to a cdrw, which is what I did for a number of my old floppies. Lets see how many times I said I, me, my, etc: 22. I almost caused my sister to lose her job before she had started to work there. Our phones make a busy signal and I couldn’t get ahold of her. The phone company insists that our phones are normal. I do not agree. 26