There really isn’t much to post about today. The news, the nothingness, the anything that isn’t nothing. I’ve read all that I’ve wanted to and the news is just news, both old and new. I was thinking about my future though. I’ll probably go to college at some point or another. I realized I was teribbly average with tendencies to be a little eccentric. If I applied myself, I could probably be a genious, just because Einstein also failed math. I’m writing a story though, but this writer’s bloc seems to keep me from continuing it at the moment or for any point in the near future. I was working on qbasic and have managed to write the code for a box and a haunted typewriter assuming that you would hit one key at a time, it is notorisously slow. I also wrote the progress code, I’m going to figure out how to add the percentage as it increases, but that isn’t right now. I also figured out how to make a compressed folder which I will add to a cdrw, which is what I did for a number of my old floppies. Lets see how many times I said I, me, my, etc: 22. I almost caused my sister to lose her job before she had started to work there. Our phones make a busy signal and I couldn’t get ahold of her. The phone company insists that our phones are normal. I do not agree. 26


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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