I was tired and bored when I pulled the book “Who’s Next?” from the bookshelf last night. I endured many a sad tale about escaping prisoners, but only the last one, “The Fourth Man”, caused me to pause and think. Basically, three prisoners were escaping a turkish prison and at one point of their journey they agreed a fourth man had joined them for the most difficult part. It was his presence that helped them through, but soon he had dissapeared. There is a similar story at the end of the book about three antarctic explorers, they had a simillar experience and also a fourth man joined them through the most difficult part of their journey. Both of these stories took place between the turn of the century and just before world war one. Surely if God took the time to travel among escaping prisoners and marrooned explorers both traveling through over a hundred or eight hundred miles of desert or ice then he could spend every day with us helping us through our struggles no matter how small or large. All of these travelers agreed that it was the fourth’s presence and steadfastness that helped them and comforted them giving them a second wind to make a long and perilous journey.


es tan triste, to tengo nada a hicer. en verdad, es lo mismo cada dia. ojala que cuando es el fin de invierno yo puedo hicer muchos mas cosas. yo quero hablar en español como algun ha vivir en una pais español por muchos años. Yo ha leo medio del libro. Estoy escribo en mi cuaderno de español, mi carpeta era demasiado largo.

I haven’t been up to much lately, updating my spanish notebook. (I decided that the binder itself was too unorganized and took a notebook and began filling it with anything I thought would be useful at any point in the future.) I had also yet another story idea that was set in a small world, so I can easily change that just in time for rewriting the begining as a false document while adding a little more character development. I’m figuring whatever is coming out, like XMEN3, Poseidon, will be out before or after my birthday. (I’ve really need to go read a book instead of spending hours doing nothing en la computadora.) I know there are more movies than that …

I didn’t get to sleep until four or so in the morning. I beat chips challenge in the process. We’ve rented a new movie, the island. It is a lot better than advertising spinned it, mostly action, awesome music and it has Ethan Phillips, one the best actors that you’ve never heard of. If you rent the movie, he plays as Jones. I’ve been looking for a bit of audio drama called first men on the moon where he stars, but it is one of those obsecure things that few people care about. I remember this tv special way, way back when upn featured stvoy. It was on the sci-fi channel and I remember listening to very familiar voices including ethan phillips’ and watching the sfx guys coming up with the sound effects while actors were acting their parts. The audio was top quality and now the fact that I remember something is very cool. I found a web camera for the western wall, its pretty cool.I found a minute and half movie that I’m hoping to see once it loads. ugh dial-up. the site is www.aish.com hope you like it.

Oh how I wish I could type enjoying sleep in the land of dreams. Nope, not me. For some reason everytime I try to get to sleep something is there to wake me up, the fire, the cats, something. I have the feeling I’m not supposed to go to sleep tonight, but I won’t be able to either for quite a while. Yes I am a hypocondriac. I know I have some blood sugar issues. My uncle has died. All of these could be tying in to what could be a bad week going worse. I’ve always had my health and now I may not have that much more, at least not as I had previously defined it. I didn’t stay up this late on new years’ and now I don’t have the choice. I am amazingly not as sleepy as I would expect. Usually I fall asleep quickly and my sister is a night owl, but two jobs are taking a toll on her energy and tonight I’m the owl. Ironic.

Sign on, click. Step 1: initializing modem…frozen. It does that like four, five times now. It has been everytime the first person tried to get connected to the internet. Its getting repetitive and boring if not tedius. I think I’ve been doing well. Let me describe it to you, aside from the tapa-tap-tap of the keyboard, there is the constant drone of the dryer as the washing machine is off at this point. The dogs’ dog tags are jingling like change in a pocket and molly is happily playing with her most annoying squeak toy. Occasionally, an exceptionally loud part of twister plays and I can hear it from here. The far treeline is blue and the close one is brown. I’ve just discovered this particular chair would benefit from some WD-40 (which by the way means Water Displacement, the inventors previous 39 tries failed). There is the soft zhipp of an approaching car but that is to be expected, even tractor-trailors use this street as a shortcut. The wind is calm and all is quiet. That is a good thing, usually you can hear the house creak on the windier evenings, but with the rustle of a soft fire, it isn’t so bad. I’m not looking forward to the dishes, but I expect a certain parental unit to return today.

My uncle is dying. When my aunt went to check on him, he had no heartbeat and wasn’t breathing. He was rushed into one hospital and flown to another. He is on the machines now. It is possible that he has suffered permanent brain damage. He hasn’t even been married to my aunt for ten years (not even five, I think). My inconsiderate “relative” didn’t even stay with my aunt the night for support. As soon as my mom heard she asked if she should head that way and that rels reply? “You can come up after he’s died.” So what if that particular relative doesn’t like the poor guy. He wasn’t blessed with health, but he does love my aunt. Please pray for them, my aunt lost custody of her son, she’s about to loose her job (she also works at McDonalds), and now this (not to mention putting up with that relative.) I like that particular uncle, he’s an artist. I’ve only seen him once since his foot was amputated due to diabetes.(he has been in many hospitals over these past years, but he usually bounces right back up. Again, not blessed with health.) I’m not sure if he was saved, but he seemed to be thinking about it. I gave him my CSE sermon which was on the same disc as my mom’s salsa recipe. I hope that he found something that helped him make his decision. Now it is a waiting game. My mom’ll be up that way today and tomorrow, meaning I’m the one who will manage the house all this time, dishes, laundry, keeping a fire going, defeating chip’s challenge, blades of exile, writing, reading, and everything that keeps this house in order. I’m not looking forward to sending my brother off to school. I need to investigate a sound …