ArabBruD – It’ll be the month of April, a time to celebrate days of birth, to remember other days, actually take a step outside and stay out there for more than the shortest time possible, a time to help something grow, fly a kite, all depending upon the weather, of course. Beware the Bah’ai movement, (wrong spelling, right pronounciation) they made commericals saying “we like diversity, come and join us!” Unfortunately, they don’t believe in, teach of, or preach about Jesus. They might remake Logan’s Run, the remake of Posiedon Adventure – “Poseidon” will be out in May, as well as Mission Impossible III. What do you get when you add Finding Nemo with Madagascar? The Wild!


AnizgenGroT – The immigration issue is one that is pretty touchy. My solution: Greet the first 25 immigrants at their local courthouse and guarantee them citizenship should they get a c- or better in the naturization course, for everybody else, do nothing, they outnumber us. Though we think of immigrants being mostly latin american, we must remember all of the others, this country is still a mixing pot, and something has gone wrong these last eighty years or so. There is no opportunity in this land, there is no hope, but death and destruction. I think of it like an etch-a-sketch, there is a little line that keeps on compunding, even if does look like a familiar face, right now its not too easy to see anything but maybe hair if the artist is working up to down. This face will be leader of the earth after a number of things written have come to pass, when we see his face clearly, then we know all is lost. We’ve lost accountability, our law states murder has a variable penalty, our bible states murder by an unrepentant person has one penalty, its duration is forever and it is far worse than any prison, far more infamous than Alcatraz, and ever so much more horrible than one could imagine. My point: we don’t teach what we should. Youth and young adults are the first: they get ahold of many guns and many rounds of ammunition and kill somewhere between five and ten people before they turn the gun onto themselves. Where do they get these guns? Sometimes their parents, but I know few parents who own every type of firearm: handgun, riffle, shotgun, machete, bowie knife, etc. Who would need to buy that many kinds of weapons anyway? A collector maybe. If that kid went to purchase ammo requesting a hundred rounds would they be suspicous? I would. What would cause a kid to do something like that? Bullies are the usual excuse, but not everybody is a bully, not to mention by now you’d think that bullies would begin to be afraid for their lives. Is something they are or are not being taught a factor in these crimes? Yes! They are not taught much about self control, emmotional self control, whatever they want, they get. A kid has to be a little fed up to get to that point. We have to learn to recognize the signs, we have to stand in the hallways telling off the bully, DON’T MESS WITH THAT KID! They say there is a cycle, but if we break it, it ends. Now comes the hard part: asking any decent kid to risk being ridiculed, beaten, taunted, etc to save not only their own lives, but the lives of the bullies so they may see and learn what that crime would have cost them.

America(n)UncIniD – We have ourselves in a right mess. South Park has declared a war against Scientology, which boasts many famous celebrities as followers. We know what south park is, but the question is what is Scientology? Wikipedia (roughly) says: Scientology was created in the 1950s, it is frequently been portrayed like a cult, everybody is basically good, people have had past lives, it says whatever is good for one person may not be good for another and should not be imposed. And the kicker, the one thing that  makes it all a lie: Jesus never really existed, neither did God or Satan, but they were imprinted upon people by the evil tyrant Xanu who took people to the extermination planet now known as earth where they were brainwashed with televisions hundreds of thousands of years ago, in fact many stories of past lives includes outerspace explorers, martians, aliens, and many things that are most likely the result of the drugs you take for yourself but should not impose on other peoples. By the way, many leaders of Scientology mysteriously die due to mistreatment, brainwashing, lobbying, not to mention the south park issue: the man who is the voice of the chef is a scientologist and he left the show saying he could no longer allow the biggotry, funny, whenever the show made fun of Christianity or any other religion he did not complain, but whenever his religion was being made fun of he got upset. If you were to look of Wikipedia’s list of cults, Scientology is in there. Now you know.

American Classic Extra Bold – I’m still making that cdrw with stuff I don’t want to loose shoud I loose everything on the computer. I’m finding old things I think I once used to use, but I’m not sure. I’ve also decided to post whenever I can should I have an idea of something to post. I’m looking for small video clips for no apparent reason, just to see what’s out there. I usually avoid this due to the possibility of well ugh kind of things. Not to mention dial-up takes an entire turn as defined by sixty minutes to get something loaded, I remember trying to watch a trailer for abe’s oddworld, every ten seconds it would stop, go back to start and play five more seconds after it stopped and then go back to start again and continually do that, which is why i have some of the lines memorized. I’ve done enough harm for today.

American Classic – Sorry for not posting in such awhile, but I’ve been working “aka gaming” on the other computer. Its the new Avernum IV and I beat it. I’m waiting for another game, Space Empires V, but it’ll be awhile before that’s out. I have a friend who is in the hospital, but its not serious. I found a piano piece I want to play and the piano is going to teach me how to play it! Its so beautiful: Pachelbel’s Canon. Its lovely and soothing and sounds simple enough … In all this while I acumulated 1275 spam mail in my spam account another 5 in the inbox and thirty letters I wanted to read and had not yet gotten around to it, I record if I do say so meself. I was pinched yesterday, that kind of hurt. (For not wearing green, o’course.)

Aldous Vertical – Somewhere inbetween Geneforge and Avernum did this match make a very interesting game, seamless when compared with the triligy before it and boy I’m not going to use this font again. I’m also watching the third season of Hogan’s Heroes to break up the hours of gameplay, I just can’t believe she bought both and nethergate which is based off of the roman conflicts with the celts or something.

Alba Super – This is a neat one. Alright, Those gears in my head got to turning, everything can be put into two catergories, good are those whose faith is in Christ Jesus and evil are everybody else. There are many legit phenomenon that we would call impossible, but a recent rd story made me think otherwise. This one song we sing, “all things are possible” gave me this conclusion. Everything is possible, but mostly to take a willing person and to keep them from believing in Jesus and therefore being saved. Sure, this person may be the worlds greatest philanthropist (dude that gives much money to many charities) but if he doesn’t believe in Jesus then it is all for nothing, at least not to his credit. This world, we put our athletes as number one, our intellects are up there but we call them nerds, and more often than not, Christians are rejected, but that is to be expected. Morality is something that we can’t help but show, It’s wrong to beat up some kid for laughs as it is to sin. Proverbs many versus include such words as “Wise men listen when corrected, but fools refuse to heed avice.” If we don’t like hearing God’s name used in vain, we’ll tell you that we have a problem with it. Anyway, many phenomenon are legit, but used for dubious intent and can be only used as such, the list is a little lengthy but most of these things will corrupt or destroy a perfectly good soul. There is a line in a song my sister likes, “I sold my soul and I stole it back”. We have sold too much, we need not be silent, but we must tell you, warn you what is coming up, I doubt you’ll like it when the rocks cry out.