carmine tango – I completely rearranged my room. All I have left is the desk drawers, but that is going to take much time for many are mostly full. I cleaned out the closet and moved my dresser. Everything has its place and is in it for once. I know that I’m not supposed to have to wake up at 6:00am but I decided to so that I could get a head start on most of the things I plan on doing for awhile. If I donate enough time I might accomplish a fraction of my plans.Out of curiousity, which s/n did you give him?


CAMELIAd, CargoD – so the summer will be a nice change, Even I don’t know my own plans, but more or less there is a lot to get done. I recently read La Fantasma Aullador (Goosebump’s the Barking Ghost) and it had some words which I had not understood that I know now. There are some that weren’t in my spanish-english dictionary. At any rate, I have decided to spend a night when it is a bit warmer trying to remember the constellations. I might try to see mizar-alcor if possible. My other real enemy is myself, my opinions, my decisions … I’m a little sadened though, the impatient no longer blooms, though it is a nice healthy shade of green. I water it enough, I think. I don’t think it is too much. Oh well, there’s always the next one.

Bradley Hand ITC, Branding Iron, BritComDMed, BritTBol, BritTL, BroadwayComD, BroadwayEngD, Broadway Out P, BroadwayP, BrodyD, BruschScrD, BuxomD, CalistoMT – So all the previous fonts were decided not good for this particular post and here it goes: I took a creative writing class and recently the bloc was removed and I was able to come up with a random thought known as a poem I’m still pondering just what I meant, but I’m posting it here because I felt it needed to be put up in view of those lucky and random few regular readers of mine:

The Squared: Tomorrow’s Random Thoguht of the Day

 By TheUnmaskedAvenger’s poet within

The Rain Beautiful On The Thirsty Ground.
Sigh the Grey Clouds in Dispair, but No anger to speak of.
Quiet Rumbles in Silence.
Quenched grass raises happily fulfilled.
Sweet perfume smiles like fresh cut grass.
All monotone hues soften and brighten.
Rays made of light streams in wonderful.
Spotlight of Grace watching rainbows arc.
Promises kept in my heart shines the faith through.
temptation to leave avoided, goals waiting.

The night full brings the moon-half.
Chill increases the beauty of the evening rainbow.
Northern hints of unique designs.
Time makes a carved philosopher from a stone fool.
Forgive my faults and heal the cracks of the earth.
Counting stars, naming them proper.
Haughty fall of pride forgotten in memory.
Prompting action on my part.
Soon salvation rises with the dawn hues but not for awhile yet.
Looking for missed signs signifying the way.

Copyrighted Leagal MumboJumbo Applies To TheUnmaskedAvenger

I’m not quite sure what it was I meant, but its bits and bites are obvious of this and that and here and there. But it does show either promise or insanity either is just fine with me. So aside from my vocabulary, what do you see in it? After I hear your ideas, I’ll post whatever I come up with in my sleep …


Boxed in – Had to skip BookshelfSymbol7, it was not readable. so now we’ve just gotten a pool table, a dishwasher, indiana jones trilogy and the stand I’m more or less at a loss of what exactly to do with my time. I spent the weekend watching the Andy Griffith Show Marathon and I got that tune stuck in my head for awhile. I think this is going to be an interesting summer, what with everything and all. I’ve found an old demo of rage of mages, but the time on it isn’t encouraging today. So as summer begins, mine ends! Well it had to eventually.

Bookman Old Style – So we went to see Poseidon yesterday. That theatre was so crowded that I put my feet on the chair in front of me and nobody said anything about it. The boat is bigger, more extras die, lots and I mean lots of really cool effects and fewer of the group dies this time around than last. I do take issue with the elderly architect. I’m glad that there was a fair amount of praying involved. I do have to say that it went quick. Do you think if a cruise ship capsized this would be a somewhat accurate picture of the troubles a small group would face if they were traveling down (up) to find a way through the bottom (top) of the ship to safety?

BodiniDBla – this font seems somewhat like whispering a shout, wait a moment, Book Antiqua – I’ve just read this book that mades more sense to me than most other things concerning the book of Revelation. We have it “on good authority” that the next time GM will offer its early retirement program, it will be available to those who worked less years and offer a little more money. If that be the case, then we have just the while to wait before we are gone, and we won’t even be rushed about it. If it isn’t the case then we’ll still be around here. Either way, I’ll blog. I know that things aren’t looking good for old GM, nobody can afford to strike or not to strike. I’m almost at the point where I just want to ignore the news. I find it a little difficult to make the decision of what to do, and I’ve been over it back, forth, awake, sleep, left, right, ran over it, pulled it up, threw it down, and still I can’t decide. One I’m thinking of getting into because if the hour is already late then if I don’t I’ll have a lot of trouble when everybody thinks the same thing. If it isn’t then I want to do something somewhere somehow sometime. I know what needs to get done and I’m sort of working on it, but the indecision and consequences paralyze me until I think “That’s a problem for a future me.” But really I can’t figure it either way. As for now I’ll stick with the simple things, like nice hot tomato soup.

I’ve been reading through Isaiah and Jeremiah. Their message? “Doom! Doom! Change your ways and be saved! Doom! Doom!” What they said would happen did, just by reading Lamentations you can get an idea of how horrible it was for them, but they were warned.

 Our own culture will be juged, the good people and the bad alike, the problem is half of the good people are really bad. Nobody told them that all our good works account for nothing, so that we can not boast.In fact, most believe that they are good people and will probably get to heaven, but the bible says that they must repent and believe. 

Cenodoxus was a good man in his time. He had been very wealthy and he sold everything in benefit to the poor. He followed the ten commandments and was well known for his works, which including writing a play about the seven deadly sins affecting a poor soul. When he died something amazing happened, and the people realized he was condemned to spend eternity seperated from God. His best friend had thought that he had fallen to the sin of pride and created an order of monks to abbolish it. Was he a good man? Yes. Did he do good works? Yes. And yet maybe it wasn’t pride that was his downfall, but failing to follow Jesus, did he repent and believe? They storybook doesn’t say. At least now he is resting, unbothered by the judgement call to come. Bruno had said, “If this man who is far better than I has been condemned to eternity seperated from God, then what hope do I have?”

 Indeed, “If Israel, God’s chosen people, has gone through all of this then what hope does America have?” We’ve been patting ourselves on the back for eliminating prayer, worship, and God from schools and what do we have to show for it? Have you caught the news recently? In America we have culturally and obviously morally declined. We were once a culture of many cultures and now we are a culture of perversion. Or is our obsession with MTV reality shows normal? Is the gang violence a fact of live in inner city areas?  Should we do nothing about anything? A famous quote is “The only true tradgedy is for good men to do nothing.” We need to clean out our own closet before we can help out others clean theirs. So our society will never be perfect, but I’m only asking it to be better.