Comic Sans MS – I had thought that my neighbor was a corn field, let my correct that error, it is actually a soybean field. I has assumed it was corn as it is the state’s cash crop and there is a big push for ethanol gas. I just like to see that it is green. Nothing is more depressing than a lot of brown dirt where green plants should be. I also do not like the lack of trees, but these people were farming the land even before we raced for our plot. It’s not as if the midwest is going to become another dust bowl, at least not yet. (By the way, the impatient I had in my room and in the photoblog has a grown back after the vicious attack of the cat.) I don’t know if I’m keeping in line with the theme, but summer is synonomous with the scent after the rain and of freshly-cut grass. So in summary, acres of brown dirt is as depressing as a clear-cutted forest and green is good. While I’m thinking about it, here’s something entirely different: Er, there would be if I could think something up, but alas I cannot. Wait, nope. Nothing. However, I have found somebody with more time than me:, look at the gallery to see some wild things this guy did. I remember what I used to do with legos, but that is deffinately a sight to see.



So I haven’t been up to much. Today I took out an old rug that fell victim to a few rainstorms and something that smells pretty nasty. It was soaked clear through but it was still quite odiferous. I took it and threw it over the fence and then I cut through the house picked it up and carried it out to the trash. The good news is now that it is gone, we can reclaim the picnic table and paint it. I was thinking about a nice dark orange. I doubt that they’ll be crazy enough to paint it that way. Still, it is a favorite toy for the dogs. Unfortunately, for an unknown reason, my hands are now pungant with that horrible odor. I’ve failed at all attempts to remove it. I’m certain I’ll figure out a way, given time.

In Job, Satan had said that God had placed a hedge of protection around Job and blessed him. I was thinking, and there are other hedges of protection around other people from the Bible. Joseph, was blessed even in jail. I think even Jonah had one. Then I began to wonder. What about us? Did God give us hedges of protection even though we weren’t believers? I thought back on my own life and I am certain I can say he does. It was as if there was a sign on me that said “Reserved for God”. Believe me, Satan tried his best to cause me trouble, but God defeated him on the cross and in that moment of my life. Was it because I was already a believer before I was saved that the kids of my old school didn’t like me? Maybe so,  I remember that everybody knew about each other and had these stories about them. Then I moved in and they couldn’t find anything on me. There was something about my life they didn’t understand. Some of them wanted to bring me down to their level …

ColumnaSolSCD – I recieved a link to this years VBS stuff through the mail. In doing so I found the main presentation in spanish and I snagged it. I’ve just looked it it quickly and it’ll take some translating, but I’ll be able to do it given enough time. I’ve been planning to write another post in spanish so I’ll work on that. I really didn’t have much to say today.

ColumnaOnlShaD(Blue) – We’ve been having fun This font is an all caps font so I am not “shouting” on purpose. I wanted to take this oppourtunity to talk about something very important. It is vital that you pay attention to the word choice so that you do not misunderstand the context of the following message. If any spelling errors exist please ignore them as they are likely not a part of a secret coded message in the message below. Again, this message’s importance ranks as a twelve on a scale of one to a hundred where fourty is the highest and negative 40 is the lowest. If this message was similar to any substance on earth, it would most be like well water. It permeates everybody who hears it and spreads beyond them. It is like an everlasting gobstopper, It is something that shakes the very foundation of th earth, It is so amazing that it can save lives. It is not too good to be true, but some say it is ilke a pearl, yeast, or seed. To not share this message would cause the very sky to fall from the earth, those who with-hold this message can expect troubles in every way, shape, and form, and often can never forgive themselves, believe, I was once guilty of this. The message, this message, has been proclaimed for two thousand years and it is still relevant, the message is that Jesus died on the cross, taking your sins as his punishment so that if you believe in him and believe that he did this for you you would share eternity with him in the one and only heaven. Please share this message with everybody you meet!

ChevalierOpeSCD, Chevalier StrSCD, Chick, ChiselD, ChiselIniD, ChurchWardBruDREG, CircleD, Collage – finally a better posting font, not that I’m picky or anything.

This weekend is the fair, we’re clearing room in the digital camera to take pictures of the Hot Air Balloon Event which I’ll post if we actually get pictures of that. There’s nothing like tornado warnings to make you really wonder if you’re sufficiently prepared. It’s difficult to get used to the fact that our vacations might actually quailfy as a vacation. I’m not really interested about the fair. I don’t really want to go. The rides are just like bowling sneakers, shuffled from one place to another and used by bored kids everywhere. The only ride I would like wouldn’t fit on Main Street. It gets me to thinking how I would run a better fair. The games ran by the churches were always alright, easy enough to win and the people weren’t creepy because they were your neighbors. My brother could easily win 12 liters of pop with his half of the money and other things from other booths. The rides would have to be top notch for all ages. H-town hasn’t been helping its high schoolers. If they were they would not have built the elementary schoolers a splash pad. All we have are the drive-in threatre (closed in winter) and the seven screen threatre. It’s no wonder why we drive twenty miles to find something to do. Anyway back to the fair, fair food is a given, local bands, big bands, whatever bands that aren’t country or easy listening. Prizes random prizes for nothing at all.

ChesterfieldAntD – So we caught America’s Got Talent last night. There were some pretty good acts, some not so good acts, and some acts that I didn’t see. I think that they should have seen all of the second juggler’s act before putting it to a vote, but the audience is the fourth judge so he was voted through. I’m not quite sure how it is humanly possible to snap like that, but it was cool. Some of the songs were pretty cool too, I heard cotton-eyed joe, gonna make you sweat, and some other songs in the background. I remember being so talentless I was allowed to perform in the school talent show provided I walked up on stage said “My talent is I have no talent.” and walked off stage. Not really, but I still had no talent so I was a spectator. I just took a look at the website and I know that there are a few videos of acts I didn’t see, but I don’t think I’ll be able to on this particular computer. I’m glad that the field next to me is starting to grow, it was a little depressing to be nothing but dirt for almost as far as the eye can see. My dad was able to grow a bigger garden, the responsibilty for preparing the vegetables to be stored is mostly my job. So it’ll be interesting to see just how much we get of the stuff. Last year we got a five gallon bucket full of green beans, dozens upon dozens ears of corn, lots of lbs of tomatoes, and now it seems we’re going to get a little more of just about everything. I think I’m going to call it a day.