DexGothicD,DExGothicSolD, DExtorD, DExtorOutD, Dom CasualD, Dynamo – I’ve put a little thought into my room decor. It is the largest space I’ve ever had for a room. Traditionally, we stick to lighter-neutral colors: less paint and easier to paint over with a light color. So that leaves me with a light off-whites coming from brown and yellow. I do, however, wish to go for a warmer feel to the room (warmer colors: red, orange, yellow …). The natural lighting is also a problem, it reflects on that corkboard/mirror wall that we only have the option of hiding. Whatever I choose, It’ll be a difficult decision. I think the room needs a ceiling fan, I haven’t had a room with a ceiling fan since I moved to Indiana. I have two ideas, one is a more of a evening desert theme: darker sand colored walls with the trim mahogony or rust red. the other is just this: darker yellow colored walls with the trim being a lighter yellow color. I’ll replace the surface of the desk with a light colored wood, blonde-stained as I call it, and then for the hiding board being darker than the walls, or just lighter whichever the room needs. It’s so hard to choose, but if I didn’t write it down, I’d lose it. It’ll take a lot of work, but I’m hoping that a change in the room will help me to not focus on the remaining three dozen holes from the whole shelf removal problem. Some are already patched, but it’ll take a lot of work for the room to be whipped into proper shape. I also would like to leave it ready so that it won’t have to be redecorated whenever the transfer pulls through or Pa retires, whichever comes first (as it is, the latter seems more likely.) I also toyed with a luxury hotel style of decorating, but none of the hotels I’d ever been to had that great of decoration, usually it was dark colored walls and floral trim or rich colors, (Dark green, dark red, dark gold, dark purple). Which can make the place a little depressing as the drapes usually matched the room and the floor was commercial stuff. Other than this, I’ve been causing the usual trouble and I get myself out of it, as usual. And, um nothing, for now.


Croobie – Well this is an interesting font, but I think it’s a little difficult to read, CurlzMT – somewhat distracting, DavidaD – This one is kind of funny, DavidaIniD – Nice, but a bit much, DevinneOrn – Finally, one that’ll do quite nicely for this particular post … As much as I would like to change the recent topics, the news isn’t allowing me the room to do so. I caught as discovery channel report on global warming last night and I’m planning to watch another report on earthquake “storms”. The gw story mentioned that with the loss of the Amazon we would loose more carbon to the atmosphere which would go a long way to the whole global warming thing. The bible says that we can expect to loose a third of the earth’s trees. The more I watched it the more I thought, these things they say will happen, some of it is predicted in the Bible, but they are not taking into account the other things. The meteor Wormwood – 1/3 of Earth’s water will be poisoned and bitter, Extreme darkness – 1/3 of the Sun’s light simply will not reach us. So some will say, this is global warming, but I know it’s God’s Wrath. (Interestingly, the initials of both are GW.) It said that currently America expends a majority of the carbon into the air. Developing countries such as China and India will soon match our rate or increase theirs greater than ours so if America were to stop two nations would fill the gap. Think, has anyone ever seen the things that have been happening in these last twenty years? By the way, of the last 21 hottest years on record, 20 have happened since 1980 and their combined heat is nothing compared to that eternal non-paradise. The worst thing about the place: no God. If you haven’t accepted Jesus into your heart, what are you waiting for? If it’s for Divine Intervention, don’t wait until it is too late.

Time Out for Global Warming, Prepared?

CourierM – I saw that report on the news, and previously on the computer, the one where they interview two groups at the opposite end of the spectrum about their beliefs on the second comming. I know that there was a certain amount of time that did pass between the creation of nuclear implosive-explosive devices and the creation of the state of Israel. In terms of prophecy, it doesn’t happen all at once as we might like to believe. The Bible refers to it as pregnancy-related pain. The birth of the end of the world is going to take longer than nine months. It’s been over fifty years since the previously mentioned two signs of the appocolypse were causing a degree of panic even then. The current events are realated: we have war, famine, disease, suffering, and death, not to mention natural disasters as such that have never been seen to this degree. I can’t say how much time is left, but I can say what we can do until the time runs out. We can try to reach as many people as possible.

Many are concerned about global warming. It’s only a natural concern if you don’t believe in the supernatural God who created everything. The way that I see it is this: Humans have hardly ever been known to do something good that doesn’t have far reaching bad consequences. If the earth has survived these natural disasters then it can survive us. Some say the worst offenders are the volcanoes, Vesuvius, Krakatoa, Mt. St. Helens – they are the famous ones, and the other ones, like the recent one in Ecuador. In Earth Science, I learned that volanoes were related to earthquakes and earthquakes are related to tsunamis. The Ring of Fire and currently Indoneisa Area are known for this kind of activity. We can’t prevent the next volcano that causes a major earthquake that causes a tsunami to slam into some unsuspecting coast in a highly-populated third-world country. Sure we can make holes in the ozone, but we can’t repair them, but that was from a generation that didn’t know.

CourierNew – One thing I happen to find interesting is the way the shadows happen to fall always on one specific corner of the lawn. it seems as there is something foreboding happening there. For some reason it makes me think that because this one corner is darker it affects all the other corners. One spot in the world is plunged into a terrible fight and all of the other corners look to it. It’s as if a minor accident on the highway has created a ten mile traffic jam. It’s as if tripping over ones feet causes an entire crowd of people to fall to the ground. It’s as if one cloud in the sky casts a shadow across the world. I wonder if any egyptians remember the ten plagues that struck an ancient king.  I wonder if any of Israel’s neighbors remember the reputation of the people who captured Jerusalem long ago. The day God shows his glory to the world and his chosen nation is the day he will glorify himself as Jesus. The rodes will be jammed a hundred miles, a hundred crowds will fall to their knees, and His shadow will cover all the world. Of course, if you aren’t willing to take my word something to this effect will occur, you can read His, the Holy Bible. It is the one truth, no other book can “supplement” or “add to” because anything that tries shares the same usefullness as toilet paper. (Just a humble opinion that I cannot be convinced otherwise.)God has preserved His Word these two thousand years, will any other doctrine stand that test of time?

CoronetI, Courier – I’d like to be an author one day. I even get these ideas that both would make for a good story and glorify God. I just have a problem. I doesn’t take me long to develop writer’s block. Usually, before hit fifty pages, but once I managed a hundred pages. I realized that I didn’t have much character development or a plot. (I’m speaking of a previous attempt at a book.) It was like a first time director of an action movie, just upping the suspense and action and nothing else but the budget. I remember watching a special feature from the Field of Dreams DVD in which the author was struggling just to write two pages a day. I can only hope I can string together a coherent thought or find trustworthy co-authors. My most recent idea would require much time, research, and patience. It could easily morph into a trilogy or series. I haven’t forgotten my other idea just before this one. I have it on the other computer collecting dust. I haven’t written much to this idea yet, just two sides of a standard notebook page and still I’m at a loss of what to do. Luckily I made a list of research topics to aid in my work. I’m certain that I can find what I need via the internet connection. That and in prayer, which will be a theme in said book.

CopperplateTMedCon – Finally, this is the last of the Copperplates. I don’t really know how I do it. I guess it’s a skill or a science. Either way many are astounded by it. I really don’t think it’s anything worthwhile. Maybe it doesn’t mean as much to me because I have time to analyze and think about its consequences. Unfortunately, from time to time even I have some trouble with it. I endeavor to improve, as we all do. As they say, practice makes it easier the next time. I am a little dissapointed though, I am having some trouble just today. I practically had to pull somebody kicking and screaming away and yet I failed. Usually I do so well too. Even the best of us must come to terms with the fact that we are as error-prone as anything else. Of course, one day I’ll look back and say, “If I hadn’t made that decision I wouldn’t be here today.” I guess the preprogrammed dynamics are also something to work on, but I already know that I can do nothing alone. The more I rely on myself the more I seem to let myself down. I never tolerated failure with the exception of mathematics, but even then I endeavored to improve and I did. Just so as there is no confusion, I am speaking of the troubles I have with patience. Then again, though it is an important topic, I really wanted to talk about something else. At this time, however, I cannot find the words. I’ll let it wait for another day.