My Failure …

After moving into Indiana from Oklahoma, I transferred school in the middle of the year. I was in 8th grade and the first words everybody told me was that “Brock C. is gay.” In my old neighborhood there wasn’t anybody who would just admit something like that. In this school though, he was accepted. Most of his friends were my friends, and so by default, he was my friend too. I didn’t know him too well. I just knew that he had a different sort of religion, he had one of those Old Testament idols, a goddess of fertility, as his chosen deity. He transferred out of my school during his senior year, but not before he challenged me about religion. He didn’t agree with the verse that said “For God is a jealous God,” – the commandment that said “Thou shalt not have any gods before Me.” I didn’t give him the answer he wanted. After that I didn’t hear much about him until a few months ago. He committed sucide on my birthday. I know for a fact that most of his friends were “Christians”. How is it that we failed him? How is it that I failed him? I didn’t condemn him, point and him and scream “sinner!” I don’t know much about the circumstances of his death, what lead to it or anything. Now you can understand why I went a little overboard, I was thinking of him when I wrote it. I don’t want to “fail” anybody else. I feel somewhat humble now. According to my belief, people are ok, but their sins is their ticket to Hell. I don’t want it said of me “Through inaction on her part, I went to Hell.”


Largo D – I was thinking about how we interact with what we would call material and spiritual. I imagine that by beginning to balance them something amazing will happen. The scale will tilt for the spiritual side, and as it does so, the things of the material side will just vanish from thought. the spirit can lead the flesh, (or material as I refer to it), if only we allow it. That is the trick. how many ways are there to tip the  scales? Reading the Bible and prayer is a good start, the Bible says to be doers of the word and not hearers only, so that’ll help. I think, examining what is in the heart might lead to a few ideas on what one can do for their own case. then, after some time, I can’t say how much for sure, a miracle would have taken place. No longer does one hunger for the football game, but for God’s Word. No longer does one thirst for a shopping spree, but for filling all sorts of needs. no longer does once desires cause a conflict between the spiritual and material, the spiritual wins outright. there is one very important fact: nobody can boast because faith saves over works every time. Works are good, God has prepared some works for us to do, but by doing those works we aren’t a step closer into salvation. Ecclesiastes looked into the fullness of the material was the wisdom of the spiritual, it is a book for then and for now. it has a lot to say about what people go after most, and yet, it’s all meaningless, absurd, and has no value whatsoever. When the spirit  leads the flesh (material), many amazing things will happen to God’s glory, and that’s just how it should be.

IsonormD – Some scientist noticed that “all tends toward disorder”. If it wasn’t so, then wouldn’t the roman ruins be less of a ruin? If it wasn’t so, then wouldn’t ghost town’s be more populous? If it wasn’t so then wouldn’t ice cream taste better after being left outside for 72 hours? If this is a fact, then how can they say that by evolution we are taller, smarter, and superior to our ancient ancestors? I think that we are shorter. (Even in this humble state skeletons have been found of people who would have been as much as 12 feet tall, give or take a foot. I haven’t seen any average joe that tall, ever.) For all our knowledge, we aren’t that smart. (Have you heard? Even the ancient Egyptians were said to know about electricity.) We are actually, equal once you think about it. (There is nothing new under the sun, but I suspect that by learning history we can guess what might be next to happen in the order of things.) Empires have passed away as easily as you just took a breath. Whenever they aren’t destroyed from the outside, something within usually destroys what cohesive they once took pride in. Most empires/governments last for only a few hundred years. The obvious exeptions being England or Oriental countries whose governments change with the whim of its leaders.I can’t tell how long the shortest or longest empires lasted before they were destroyed. I can’t tell you how much time there is between revolutions on average. I can’t tell you many things, but I can tell you about a kingdom that’ll never pass away and that’ll never “tend toward disorder”. It’s the same one that Jesus talked about when he walked this very world. He said it wasn’t of this world, which is why it can break these rules. It supercedes human rules as it follows God’s laws. Spiritual Love, God’s Love, permeates its people. There is no death, suffering, disease, sadness, nor any other affliction of this world. I know I’ll be there, and I know that almost everybody I know will be there. But as Heaven is the best, there is the other place. It too, lasts forever. It’s a place that by describing things that are most scary, things that are most painful, things that are atrocities is far worse. I really couldn’t tell you what to expect, I hope that you don’t have to expect this eternity. Citizens have given rights, we probably take too many of them for granted. Denizens just live in a place with little or no rights at all. An eathly citizen can expect the latter eternity, but by giving up those rights, the denizen can expect the former eternity where they have citizenship. I am an earthly denizen and a heaven-bound citizen.

Imprint MT Shadow –  There is a mystery. There are only a few people who know about. It hasn’t been solved ever since the question was asked. People have made up elaborate guesses that never check out when compared with the known facts and the countless variables. At any given time, only a hundred people are trying to figure it out. One by one they check the variables in thousands of statitical scenarios. Only one of them is the answer, and in all that time they haven’t found it. The more money that rolls in to support their work only seems to grow with the dissapointed decades. Not counting the money and the fame, they have nothing, but they wouldn’t tell you that. With only great leaps over gigantic gaps they hope that others will meet their same conclusion. Their advertising agency has, at least, pulled through for their cause gaining many to their side. On the other hand, there is another group that easily disproves these efforts. They know for a fact that there is only one answer to this mystery, and they know who to ask for that answer. For every general conclusion that they(1) have come to understand, they(2) find something to prove otherwise. Theories rise and fall, but because they no longer debate as the scientific method calls, (1)one tends to believe they are right and (2)one tends to believe in God, the righteous. These people have only the grassroots to support them, it is enough, but the resources are few. The grassroots are many, and they are able, but they need only be asked. That is one mystery solved, but as for the unsolvable mystery, God has the answer.

Impact – I’ve done a lot of traveling in my day – and you can even see this in some blogs – people from places to places are pretty much the same, just different names and faces. I’m certain that you know at least one person who could be just like me – if not me 😉 . I have two friends who are very much like each other, but are in their own ways, totally different. After awhile it seems that there isn’t really anything novel – or new. Actually, there isn’t, but don’t let me prove it to you, most people would rather learn from their own experiences. Interestingly, as much as we are similar to other people, we are unique. I once roamed the halls of a certain public educational system building to cross paths with an elderly lady who was certain I was related to a friend of hers because “you look just like her even though she attended here over twenty years ago.” She was mistaken as many people often are. With people being so alike, its easy to quit giving people chances to prove they are different. By the way, having the same name as somebody else who is completely different creates legal headaches. The trick is to reach out to people, but the truth of it is that you have to care, otherwise it’s all for nothing. If you do this sort of thing for show then a certain witness is ruined and whatever you have to boast about is nothing. If you do this sort of thing for profit then you lose more than what you thought you gained. It is so easy to connect, disconnect and not bothering to connect on blogs, but whichever you choose, at least you can – with time – choose another option. Doing good, however, is always a good option.

IceAgeD – For the first time this week, I’m not using a pre-recorded post, so It’s taking me a little time to organize my thoughts into something coherrent about a subject I haven’t yet chosen … Just because the word “dwarf” is placed before Pluto’s designation, I will still consider it a planet, it’s far too late to come up with some sort of mnemonic sentence with eight words, it just barely made sense with nine. My Very Educated Mother Just Showed Us Nine Planets. Why are there two naming systems for everything? They’ve even made councils for this sort of thing, they keep track of all names. They say which name can and can’t be used. Who are we to name these things when we can’t even agree on it’s origin? As it stands, certain scientists endeavor to create a universe, apparently ours isn’t big enough for them already. Sadly, people are already making fun of Astrologists and Astronomists as they don’t really know the difference. Astrologists are the people who believe in a connection between the people and the stars. Their main tool is a Zodiac which pairs up constellations with months of the year. It is considered as a pseudo-science. Astronomists are the people who study the stars scientifically. They use many tools such as telescopes, star charts, and scientific machines that light up, make churning noises, and often produces coffee. It was this group that “demoted” Pluto, but they did find a few “planets” outside of Pluto’s orbit around the sun. Apparently, there is even a branch of it supported by the Bible known as Biblical Cosmology, you can see it for yourself here:  I’m really trying to say that no matter whatever we can do to the universe, God created it for His glory and that we can’t do anything to change that, not even with all of our understanding or lack thereof. 

Hobo Medium – Unjust Scales: One of the recurring themes in The Phantom Tollbooth is weighing good and bad. How can one appreciate good art without despising bad art? (According to his or her own tastes.) How can one appreciate good food without sampling bad food? How can one appreciate good advice without the occasional bad advice? It is so sad that this also applies to beauty, for by appreciating physical beauty the value of spiritual beauty is diminished. How good will Miss Universe look at the age of a hundred and four? What good is an apple tree that is beautiful on the outside but rotting on the inside? What can be expected of the apples it bears? I have this theory, people who are not born again in spirit cannot understand that spiritual beauty is worth ever so much more than the priceless pearl, the biggest diamond, or the rarest earthly substance. They cannot see it or anything touched by its light. If beauty is curse, spiritual beauty is a blessing. As much as beauty is desired, spiritual beauty should be desired that twice over and again. One thing that might help them to catch the smallest glimpse of it might be the interaction between a child and a complete stranger who is kind enough to treat them with respect in world of misunderstandings. This concept might be somewhat unclear, but I’ll straighten up the idea at another time. I have known beautiful people, they are nice people. Even nicer are those that are also spiritually beautiful. I have know beautiful people who really weren’t all that nice. I have known people who had spiritual beauty enough to light up a room with a simple smile. I think it is about time we placed more emphasis on things spiritual, but it is so difficult in a material world.