BaskervilleOldFacSCD – We haven’t had much for snow this far this year, but there’s plenty of time to change that. One thing that almost always catches my eye is the wording of the King James Version of the Bible. When they were talking about the flood, it said, “The fountains of the deep broke open.” That makes me think of Old Faithful, but not just one, maybe one hundred, there’s no way to know. The words were common to everybody when it was in its early days of use. The King James was my first Bible, so it isn’t difficult for me to understand. Of Course, I know that hither and thither are the old english equivalents of here and there. The English may believe that Americans have butchered the english language, but even their english is a far cry from the old englsih that is annoying to most americans. After all, the forsooths, thees, thys, and thous can only be so repetative. There are people who can listen to you talk for five or so minutes and then tell you exactly where you’ve lived. I wonder if most people learn the language around their area, but might wish to talk somewhat differently. Most texans don’t realize that they’ve an accent until they meet somebody without one. Christians should have a sort of accent, so that when the talk with others, people automatically recognize them as Christians. They should talk so differently that people aren’t quite sure what to make of it.



Arial – It was strange to not see the way to my room. Somehow, it was pitch black. I turned around and saw the lights of the edition at the end of the road and of the neighboring house, but I couldn’t see where the pool table began or where the floor met it. To my right was the small door, the standard door, and then my own. It seemed every tour I took of a cave they had to turn off all the lights, once they managed to run two tours too closely and they turned off the lights while our group was walking on the bridge over the smaller of two pits. I’ve only ever been to two caves, Alabaster Caverns and Mammoth. On some hot Oklahoma days we’d go to Alabaster, it was always 50 or so degrees. As disturbing as the darkness was, at least it wasn’t chilly or in some open area of nothingness other than the ground. Some people used their Indiglo watches and some kids had light up shoes, but it didn’t really help. The tour guides would say something like, “In the early days, explorers would have torches that couldn’t light up nearly far enough to see the unique limestone formations. If they weren’t careful, they would find underwater lakes or streams, pits that just seemed to lead down to the center of the earth, and ruin the environmental balance without even knowing it.” It’s unfortunate they no longer offer boat tours, it would have been most interesting if not creepy. If they had then turned off all the lights, you’d be floating in darkness, given enough time, it would have been a most unsettling effect for even the most sturdy individuals. Why not lead an authentic adventuring tour? Have a group of guides dressed up as turn of the century splendunkers talking about the various features they see and how best to proceed. That way even the guides get to have as much fun as the tour-goers. Throw in some imagination and special effects and people can learn through a combination of history and entertainment. (Histortainment?)

American Classic – I haven’t had material to blog about for nearly a week, or at least since I  began tagging my posts series. It took Psalms and an American Boxer to give me a rather unorthodox idea. Both in the Psams and Proverbs it mentions feet as being set free or being set upon the rock or being above others. My dog just started playing in a new way, she goes for my jeans, somtimes rendering my balance useless and causes me to fall. In movies, many traps and snares are set for the feet or activated when walked upon. Bear traps, trip wires, and land mines are only a few of the possibilities. Sometimes we might call a car, “my set of wheels”. The bible sometimes uses feet in the place of the person. I’ve seen over 250 search results for the word feet at Some of them have the word feet twice, and doesn’t always refer to the unit of measurement.  As I was saying, it’s not easy to move with my dog preventing me from taking a step. She twists and turns so that any advantage I would gain by moving over there was more of a disadvantage. Eventually, I hit the ground, command her to sit and then I pet her. The game is over and we’re both breathing pretty hard. The Bible also says make firm and level paths. Though it doesn’t exactly say the straight and narrow, the path has never misled.

Alba – Finally, I went through the entire list of fonts! I haven’t had any ideas for my posts for over a week now, so I think I’ll just do what I’ve been up to … “Whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul. With all its shame, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy. – 17th Century Anonymous” This might have been easier said than done, especially in the 17th century as compared to now, but I just wasn’t able to be sad yesterday. That and I caught the Monk marathon. Anonymous is right, it’s still a beautiful world even with so much that’s wrong in it. I had thought by now that I wouldn’t be where I am right now, but it is better to be where I am right now than to have just gone somewhere and be without the proper guidance to get there. I think, the where’s and the when’s, aren’t so important as the what’s and the why’s. What am I doing today? Why am I doing it? Where will it be done? When will it be done? When faced with a problem, my family has a tendency to think if there are other ways to accomplish the task that is easier. I hadn’t thought of the task unusual until Bubba was told, “You think too much, just get it done.” Be cheerful, strive to be happy. Strive indicates that it’ll take some effort. I was amazed that I was happy yesterday despite recent events. I just wonder if I can remain so when the more recent events is even worse news.

WorcesterRouT – “The Creator has not given you a longing to do that which you have no ability to do.” Said Orison Swett Marden one particularly thought-filled day. This was always a difficult quote to find, but it makes it easier to focus on the things that I want to do for the glory of God. I had previously mentioned that I have a quarter dozen book ideas, and now I’m working on a computer game. It’s strange how these things work out. I can easily forget one project for another, and that’s not counting other responsibilities I have to those around me. I’m surprised by all that has been done these past two weeks, but I’ve almost no accomplishments to speak of in that time. I’m glad, however, that we’re going to choose a Christmas Tree today. It’s fitting to have a real one to celebrate the first entire year we’ve spent at this place. I really should learn to prioritize, but whenever the creative lightning strikes it’s best to carry pencil, paper, and just to go wherever it leads. Now that I really want to write and I’m not picky wheather it’s a game or a book, I just have to remember that I have the ability to write them even if I forget the language. It’s even better to know not only that you want to do it and that you’ve been blessed with the ability to do it, but that you have the only thing you’ll ever need on your team, God. As for my part, I really need Him to help me remember the language and to provide those creative bolts of lightening and I need Him just to thank Him for it all.

VoltaT – Henry Ford was a pretty colorful character as far as history is concerned, but he did once say,”I believe God is managing affairs and that He doesn’t need any advice from me. With God in charge, I believe everything will work out for the best in the end. So what is there to worry about?” I just wanted to throw that quote out, for quite some time I’ve been curious about something else. Some weeks ago we noticed that there were large areas of lights behind the clouds, but could not explain them. For half the horizon this light was there and a little beyond that to it’s left was another much smaller area of light. It was eleven at night and yet it seemed as if it were an eclipsed day. It has been seen for many nights since, but there is little or no explanation. It is not a unique experience to me to marvel at something that I’d never before seen. It seems that there are more things with less explanations occuring lately. I have a feeling that such even’ts won’t be news to us, but the scientific community’s evaluation of the events will be surprisingly upsetting. On a news program, it stated that America can take it easy only for another five or so years before global politics shift out of our favor. I think, I’ll make the most of that time that I possibly can. 

Verdana – While looking for something related to Thanksgiving in my quote library, I stumbled onto this one which seemed apropriate: “Thank God for friends, more prized as years increase. Let all else, if must be, cease. But, Lord of Life, I pray on[e] me bestow, the gift of friends to share the way I go. [Thomas Curtis Clark]” Unfortunately, my quote library is sadly lacking on this particular holiday. Too often am I thankful for the items that are mine, but that’s because they’re always there. I think the real test is how thankful you are without them. Items are too cumbersome, one of my videogames begins with Garret trying to drag his stuff out of harms way. (It’s Golden Sun, by the way, and I will be very thankful should they ever decide to make a third game, but it’s already a couple of years too late.) This year, I’m thankful for my friends and family. I’m thankful for Bubba once called Smiley. I’m thankful for Dishsoap also called MissGigglesworth. (Nicknames are a whole lot of fun, I only have my Spanish class ones, Eva and Juana La Loca. I hope to increase my collection without violating the rules of nicknames.) I’m thankful, full of thanks,and over-filled, for just the pleasure of knowing so many unique individuals in the sentence that was mandatory public education. I don’t know to which of the four winds most of them have scattered to, Captain Steve and his “crew”, Aught Lakuna and her promising career in the arts, and the rest, who have no nickname known to me. I wish them all well. Most of all, I’m thankful for those I can talk to today and tomorrow, whatever the future may hold for us all.