Verdana – While looking for something related to Thanksgiving in my quote library, I stumbled onto this one which seemed apropriate: “Thank God for friends, more prized as years increase. Let all else, if must be, cease. But, Lord of Life, I pray on[e] me bestow, the gift of friends to share the way I go. [Thomas Curtis Clark]” Unfortunately, my quote library is sadly lacking on this particular holiday. Too often am I thankful for the items that are mine, but that’s because they’re always there. I think the real test is how thankful you are without them. Items are too cumbersome, one of my videogames begins with Garret trying to drag his stuff out of harms way. (It’s Golden Sun, by the way, and I will be very thankful should they ever decide to make a third game, but it’s already a couple of years too late.) This year, I’m thankful for my friends and family. I’m thankful for Bubba once called Smiley. I’m thankful for Dishsoap also called MissGigglesworth. (Nicknames are a whole lot of fun, I only have my Spanish class ones, Eva and Juana La Loca. I hope to increase my collection without violating the rules of nicknames.) I’m thankful, full of thanks,and over-filled, for just the pleasure of knowing so many unique individuals in the sentence that was mandatory public education. I don’t know to which of the four winds most of them have scattered to, Captain Steve and his “crew”, Aught Lakuna and her promising career in the arts, and the rest, who have no nickname known to me. I wish them all well. Most of all, I’m thankful for those I can talk to today and tomorrow, whatever the future may hold for us all.


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