American Classic – I haven’t had material to blog about for nearly a week, or at least since I  began tagging my posts series. It took Psalms and an American Boxer to give me a rather unorthodox idea. Both in the Psams and Proverbs it mentions feet as being set free or being set upon the rock or being above others. My dog just started playing in a new way, she goes for my jeans, somtimes rendering my balance useless and causes me to fall. In movies, many traps and snares are set for the feet or activated when walked upon. Bear traps, trip wires, and land mines are only a few of the possibilities. Sometimes we might call a car, “my set of wheels”. The bible sometimes uses feet in the place of the person. I’ve seen over 250 search results for the word feet at Some of them have the word feet twice, and doesn’t always refer to the unit of measurement.  As I was saying, it’s not easy to move with my dog preventing me from taking a step. She twists and turns so that any advantage I would gain by moving over there was more of a disadvantage. Eventually, I hit the ground, command her to sit and then I pet her. The game is over and we’re both breathing pretty hard. The Bible also says make firm and level paths. Though it doesn’t exactly say the straight and narrow, the path has never misled.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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