Arial – It was strange to not see the way to my room. Somehow, it was pitch black. I turned around and saw the lights of the edition at the end of the road and of the neighboring house, but I couldn’t see where the pool table began or where the floor met it. To my right was the small door, the standard door, and then my own. It seemed every tour I took of a cave they had to turn off all the lights, once they managed to run two tours too closely and they turned off the lights while our group was walking on the bridge over the smaller of two pits. I’ve only ever been to two caves, Alabaster Caverns and Mammoth. On some hot Oklahoma days we’d go to Alabaster, it was always 50 or so degrees. As disturbing as the darkness was, at least it wasn’t chilly or in some open area of nothingness other than the ground. Some people used their Indiglo watches and some kids had light up shoes, but it didn’t really help. The tour guides would say something like, “In the early days, explorers would have torches that couldn’t light up nearly far enough to see the unique limestone formations. If they weren’t careful, they would find underwater lakes or streams, pits that just seemed to lead down to the center of the earth, and ruin the environmental balance without even knowing it.” It’s unfortunate they no longer offer boat tours, it would have been most interesting if not creepy. If they had then turned off all the lights, you’d be floating in darkness, given enough time, it would have been a most unsettling effect for even the most sturdy individuals. Why not lead an authentic adventuring tour? Have a group of guides dressed up as turn of the century splendunkers talking about the various features they see and how best to proceed. That way even the guides get to have as much fun as the tour-goers. Throw in some imagination and special effects and people can learn through a combination of history and entertainment. (Histortainment?)


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