What about the ones we don’t know about?

NimbusSanT – I was looking at a list of books trying to decide which ones to get. One of them featured the inner earth theory, which says that the inside of the plannet is hollow and sometimes people, plants, creatures, and/or dinosaurs live there. I don’t think many people believe that today. There’s also the belief that the earth is the center of the solar system and the sun the center of the universe. If we can’t find the outer edges, then we can’t find the center now can we? (If you take a piece of paper and fold it so that where the horizontal and verital lines met was the center you can see that if you know the whole dimensions for any given object a center can be found. We don’t know the shape of the universe and may never see any more than 5% of it, in fact, we can’t even see the Oort Cloud from which many believe that asteroids are sent from.) The earth was once thought to be flat, but it’s a sphere these days. Astronomists loose whole planets from time to time and often debate which planetoid it was. People once that that the shape of person’s head could tell you about their character and other traits. Once scientists said that the Earth was expanding, and it sounded like a good theory to explain the sea floor and volcanoes until somebody came up with another theory. Let’s face it, some of the most popular theories of their day are the most laughable of today. On the same Wikipedia page, it said this: “Karl Popper suggested that all scientific theories should be falsifiable otherwise they could not be tested by experiment. Anything that cannot be shown by experiment to be false would therefore be an axiom and have an absolute status, beyond any confirmation or refutation.” Now we have a problem. Not all scientific theories can be tested. “No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong.Albert Einstein ” Now the question remains, what have we done right? What commonly-held theories will be disproven in five years? in fifty? What do believe science is these days?


My kind of day

NimbusRomD – It’s brutal out there, the wind and snow have made snow dunes that are fairly deep in one part of the yard and I can still see grass in the other part. One mystery remains, the fate of the swing. There’s no footprints and no sign of it, so I’m inclinded to think that the wind did it in. It’s a school day everywhere here. Somewhere, I imagine, it’s my kind of day. It’s almost too warm, it’s so nice outside there’s nobody inside. The sun is shining and there are clouds, big fluffy cumulus that pass by when a little more shade is needed. The flowers, the birds, and the smell of freshly cut grass is about. The air is clean because the shower washed away the old air. If the town had a community pool, everybody would be there. They’d be playing the kind of music that everybody knows but doesn’t admit that they like because they don’t think anybody else would admit to liking it. Some people would probably bring snacks, something simple, like sandwiches, chips, and pop. The talk about the good old days and laugh at the good old jokes. Everybody smiles and everybody is welcomed. Nobody treats the man in the suit and tie any different than the kid in the hoodie with piercings. Nobody plays the race card and nobody is insulted. “No offense,” and “none taken,” aren’t said,  but are understood by everyone. On the porches of the homes are countless rocking chairs and swings. The elderly take it easy talking of days that the youth had only heard in their history books in another life. Walking among them all, is the Man who made all of it possible. From the weather, to the blade of grass, to the music, the food, and everything else, it was all there for Him. Some of the elderly talked about the days when the first met Him and all that was done in His Name. The children had gathered round to hear their stories. This is their everyday, overjoyed they break into spontaneous dance and song. No tears, no aches, and no trobles can touch them, they’re far away and long forgotten. It’s my kind of day out there, and it’s worth a lifetime of waiting.

NimbusMonL – I decided to put up a few more works of Edgar Guest since I’ve sat here for the last three hours without being able to think up a post. I’ll put some serious thought into something or another comming up soon.

It Couldn’t Be Done

Edgar Guest

Somebody said that it couldn’t be done,
     But, he with a chuckle replied
That “maybe it couldn’t,” but he would be one
     Who wouldn’t say so till he’d tried.
So he buckled right in with the trace of a grin
     On his face. If he worried he hid it.
He started to sing as he tackled the thing
     That couldn’t be done, and he did it.

Somebody scoffed: “Oh, you’ll never do that;
     At least no one has done it”;
But he took off his coat and he took off his hat,
     And the first thing we knew he’d begun it.
With a lift of his chin and a bit of a grin,
     Without any doubting or quiddit,
He started to sing as he tackled the thing
     That couldn’t be done, and he did it.

There are thousands to tell you it cannot be done,
     There are thousands to prophesy failure;
There are thousands to point out to you one by one,
     The dangers that wait to assail you.
But just buckle it in with a bit of a grin,
     Just take off your coat and go to it;
Just start to sing as you tackle the thing
     That “couldn’t be done,” and you’ll do it.

Prayer for the Home

Edgar Guest

Peace, unto this house, I pray,
Keep terror and despair away;
Shield it from evil and let sin
Never find lodging room within.
May never in these walls be heard
The hateful or accusing word.

Grant that its warm and mellow light
May be to all a beacon bright,
A flaming symbol that shall stir
The beating pulse of him or her
Who finds this door and seems to say,
“Here end the trials of the day.”

Hold us together, gentle Lord,
Who sit about this humble board;
May we be spared the cruel fate
Of those whom hatreds separate;
Here let love bind us fast, that we
May know the joys of unity.

Lord, this humble house we’d keep
Sweet with play and calm with sleep.
Help us so that we may give
Beauty to the lives we live.
Let Thy love and let Thy grace
Shine upon our dwelling place.

from Collected Verse of Edgar Guest
NY:Buccaneer Books, 1976

Four of a Kind

NicolasCocTBla – I thought that I’d put up this story today. (I haven’t read it fully myself yet, but if it’s here I can do so eventually.)

"Four Men of God"

by Edgar Guest

From Living the Years, 1949 

Some one many years ago said: “There never was a good war or a bad peace.” Every war leaves behind the seeds of hatred which eventually lead to bitterer strife. War never grows better; with every new step scientists take, with every new device created the horror of war increases. The best that can be said for the struggle to kill and to destroy is that sometimes good comes from it; high examples of the courage of devoted men are set for future generations to remember and to admire. By such incidents great causes are advanced. It was so in World War II. The greatest example of devotion to duty and to the cause of human brotherhood was not set by soldiers or sailors or the brave men of the air force, but by four men of peace. Four Men of God I like to call them, one a Catholic priest, one a Jewish Rabbi, and the other two ministers of the protestant faith. In time of great peril they dared to die, together, their arms about each other’s shoulders, the four speaking the common prayer that unites us all.

The transport Dorchester set forth upon her dangerous mission north.
     Grim winter rode the seas with her, and cold and gray the sky.
There were four men of God aboard to do the service of the Lord,
     To share the life of fighting men and shrive them, must they die.
Four chaplains, Catholic and Jew and Protestants (by chance) were two:
     Poling and Fox and Washington and Alexander Goode.
Four men of God—enough to say—who questions, which was which today?
     Four men of God who shared the dream of worldwide Brotherhood.
They did not preach the narrow way; they lived with men from day to day;
     They understood their smiles and tears, their every joy and care;
The human heart they understood; found in the worst a share of good,
     And tried to do for God those deeds which men beseech in prayer.
The Dorchester’s clean decks they trod; four gracious, humble men of God,
     Who served both braid and dungaree as though they were the same;
Who never questioned post or place, religion, color, caste, or race
     Of any who in earnest need of aid or comfort came.
Aye, there were times when faith alone called each to worship with his own,
     When Rabbi, Priest, and Minister knelt down with one in grief,
And times when each would draw apart to comfort many a lonely heart
     Or strengthen at the battle’s eve some faltering boy’s belief;
But one must ask the question: Who was Catholic, Protestant, or Jew?
     Unless the holy vessels on the altar had been laid,
For in the ship’s life—weal and woe—there was no outer sign to show
     That form of worship, rite, or prayer the slightest difference made.

War takes no heed of wrong or right.
The only god it has is might.
Its deadly missiles screaming fly,
Not caring who shall live or die;
Not asking: Is the mission fair?
Not wondering: Does the good Lord care?
Or will their fearful force be spent
Where sleep the old and innocent?

Below the waters, cold and green,
Within a German submarine
A youthful, listening sailor stirred.
The sound of moving ship he’d heard.
He rose and to his captain spoke.
A periscope the surface broke!
The captain turned it, left and right,
And peering through the slotted sight,
He waited for the ship to pass
Across his little field of glass.
The Dorchester came into view.
To battle stations went the crew.
“Fire one” was ordered. Then: “Fire two!”
From tubes, shot out with flaming breath,
Went two shrewd instruments of death.
Controlled by many a wise device,
They sped upon a course, precise,
To sink their targets—ship and men!
“Good,” said the captain. “Down, again!”

Upon the decks of ships are chests in which are life belts stored
     Against the time when men must trust themselves unto the sea.
At such a chest each Chaplain stayed to calm and hearten boys afraid
     And pass them belts to hold them up till rescued they could be.
But some too frightened were to leap; they would not risk the raging deep,
     Convinced that death awaited all who ventured overside.
“Trust God!” they heard the Chaplain say. “Trust God and go! ‘Tis death to stay!”
     And thus was many a youngster saved who otherwise had died.
No talk of Catholic or Jew! No question: “Protestant are you?”
     But this: “Your belt! God keep you safe!” No sign of inner fear.
Four humble men of God, just then in peril with their fellow-men,
     Who dared to keep the faith they’d taught when death was drawing near.
Then when the last life belt was gone and still were others who had none,
     “Here,” said each Chaplain of the sea, “take mine! Your life ‘twill spare!”
And with this last brave service done, they stood together—four as one!—
     And linked their arms and bowed their heads and spoke a final prayer.
From bow to stern the vessel shook. Those in the sea who turned to look
     Just as the ship went down beheld four men of God, who stood,
Arms linked together and at prayer! Four men of God undaunted there,
     Who dared to die for their belief in ties of brotherhood.
Oh, there are times when hate and strife stain all that’s best in human life,
     When bitterness so fills men’s hearts that hatred seems their trade,
But ‘gainst war’s horror, filth, and crime will shine for all remaining time
     The glory of united faiths which four brave men displayed!

We are not told the prayer they chose,
Since death so swiftly came.
I fancy, though, ‘tis thus it goes:
“Our Father, Who in Heaven art,
Hallowed be Thy name!”

Hopes and Fears >The Wake-up Call

Nashville Light – Good morning America! (Almost bursts into rousing and patriotic song, but I stopped myself thinking that I would have to find a patriotic song to the world to be fair and I can’t think of one except either version of Joy to the World.) I’m up a little early and I hope to make a habit out of it. Now that I’m thinking about it, the bible often says, “Do not fear…” or “Do not be afraid…” it doesn’t say it just once, but over and over again. I have to think about what I’m really afraid of and hand it over to God just to get a little piece of mind. They say that people have been scared to death. I don’t doubt that it will be a side-effect of the current trend in the scary movie genre assuming they continue to set and surpass the bar. Fears used to be simple, darkness, strange sounds, and whatever may be in the closet or under the bed especially when it’s dark, there’s a strange sound and you’re pretty certain it is coming from either under the bed or in the closet. I can’t imagine what would keep me awake at night anymore. It’s like the swing just outside this window. It has been tangled in the tree for weeks, and a good gust of wind will cause it to knock against the trunk. We’re tangled in the world and it doesn’t take much for it to hit us hard. Are we prepared for the natural disaster due to hit us? How are we to pay for college? What if the finances take us down with them? My quote library has this to say about fear: “The only thing to fear is fear itself. – Franklin D. Roosevelt.” During the anthrax scare a cartoonist drew a picture of a letter whose caption was “more dangerous than anthrax” and its message was “fear.” Just beside it, a columnist wrote: “FEAR ITSELF     Fears. We all have them. We always have. Some things scare us because they can cause us physical harm. And some things scare us because they give rise to emotions which make us uncomfortable. When we were little, we were scared of the neighbor’s dog, the old woman who lived alone in the big house on the corner and of the bully who threatened to swipe our lunch money. Now we fear credit card bills, the boss and the evil forces in our world that threaten to harm our children or our parents or break up our families. And still there are times when we like being scared. All over the country this week, children, teenagers, and adults alike will stand in line to get the bejesus scared out of them at haunted houses. And then there are scary movies, which always rake in millions at the box office. The thrill, it seems, is worth the emotional roller coaster ride. Sometimes feeling scared is better than feeling nothing at all. But fear has taken a new face in America in the last six weeks. The horrors we’ve seen at the World Trade Centers are like our worst nightmares come true. We watched helplessly as two airplanes – loaded with passengers – flew into the sides of buildings where nearly 50,000 people were at work. And then we watched as those buildings, where we knew emergency workers were still trying to get more people out, collapsed into a massive heap of metal and glass. Six years ago when the Oklahoma City federal building was bombed by an American terrorist and 168 people died, we never imagined anything that bad could happen again. For decades, the threat of nuclear war scared us. Bioterrorism and chemical attacks were also threats we kept hidden away in the back of our minds. All those things made us frightened, but we never really let ourselves believe they could happen. It’s not so hard anymore to imagine that even worse nightmare could come true. Everyday newspapers carries a story about someone new who’s tested positive for exposure to anthrax or someone who’s come down with the symptoms associated with the bacterial infection. Those stories grab our attention and fuel our fears. But those same papers carry dozens of stories about teenagers killed in car wrecks, small plane crashes, drownings and murders. Children are abducted and abused every day. Con men take advantage of older adults. Our world is a dangerous place and always has been. We should be frightened, but we can’t let our fears run away with us. Just as we can’t be so scared for the safety of our children that we won’t let them play in their neighborhood, we can’t let the fear of terrorism or anthrax or Osama bin Laden paralyze us. A friend shared this quote with me a month or so back and she includes it as part of the signature on every one of her emails. ‘Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.’ – Ambrose Redmoon. Living is more important. (Maxed Out by Robin Maxey)”

Keeping On A Most Execellent Standard of Accomplishment


The harder the thing is to do
The greater the joy when it is done.
The farther the goal is from you
    The sweeter the thrill when it’s won.
The deeper the problem, the more
    Is the joy when you’ve puzzled it out;
The seas that run farthest from shore
    Are only for ships that are stout.
Men weary of lessons they’ve learned
    And tire of the tasks they can do
Life it seems is forever concerned
    With blazing a path to the new.
So stand to the worry and care
    Everlastingly keep going on.
The greater the burden you bear,
    The greater the joy when it’s done.

There are some things that I am able to accomplish with ease, and others I think will take weeks just to prepare myself to attempt to do, such as climbing a rock wall. I hope to one day climb that rock wall to the top. I guess it’s about accomplishment. What challenge can you hope to succeed if you don’t continue to work it out thoroughly? With many being so bent on immediate gratification, this lesson will soon be required. This is the season for Hollywood awards, which teaches almost nothing. When one retires, they used to recieve a gold watch for their dedicated years of service. When one in Hollywood retires, it’s because they’re looking for younger stars to make, and they just don’t seem to call as much anymore. Awards in the business world aren’t easy to come by, especially being known for a grand contribution to the company. Some of the most well-known actors still haven’t recieved certain awards. I can’t count all the things that I’ve almost earned, but of all the things that I did earn, I appreciated all the effort that went into earning them. What we can earn on Earth is limited to things that we can’t take with us. Certain accomplishments are said to be rewarded in Heaven. We will get crowns, (something limited to Earthly royalty at this point – which is another thought), specifically the crowns of, righteousness, glory, and life (and possibly of rejoicing and incorruptible, but these are from two different websites.) I was going to mention what it takes to recieve them – no small accomplishment over a life time, no doubt – but it might be better not to at this point having seen the http://www.ask.com results for the “crown of righteousness”. We’ve each rewards waiting for us, some we’ll recieve now, and others later. Some will require time and effort just to be considered to recieve the award and others will be asked to recieve the award for another. Earth may grant us awards and degrees after death, but those don’t compare the reward we have stored up in Heaven.

Time is Money

MinisterT – What demands your time? There are the things that you have to do, the things that you want to do, and the things that you are doing but you aren’t quite sure why. It’s like walking into the kitchen to grab a snack and forgetting the moment you pour yourself a drink of water. It’s like taking a walk outside while trying to figure out that sinking feeling but not being able to. Unlike money, you’ll never get a refund for a wasted hour.  Chores, cleaning,  cooking, laundry, eating, cleaning (I said it twice because it seems we have to do twice as much of it), and all sorts of things have to be done. The better part of my day is behind a monitor or screen especially now that I’m very close to defeating a new game. What do I do with my time? Usually whatever chores are asked of me, I’ve recently picked up excersize, and the only studious activity is to learn the finer points of Spanish grammar from a thirty-five year old college book. What could I be doing with my time? Lots and lots of things, but the fuller my plate, the more things just seem to fall off of it. (Much to the delight of the dog if I was talking about food.) I’m trying to decide which task to be up to at any moment, it’s difficult  to choose. I know that a house divided cannot stand, so attention divided cannot succeed? It should make an interesting speech, but I don’t think it’ll become nearly as famous. One thing is for certain, like money, the more time you have the more it is wasted, but the less you have the more you put it good use. I was once shown this mathematical proof that school was evil (it’s only a joke and I do think I’ve forgotten most of it): School requires Time and Money (S=T*M), Time is Money(T=M), The Square Root of Evil is the Love of Money (E^2=M*M), Therefore School is Evil (S=E^2). You could prove that anything that requires time and money is evil, but that would not always be true. Television would be evil, but a Christian channel would not be. Reading would be evil, but the Bible would not be. Video games would be evil, but a Christain video game would not be (They do exist!).