sowers and reapers

American Classic – The book of Hosea says, “They sow the wind and reap the whirlwind.” Hence the saying, “People reap what they sow.” What do you sow into your Christian life?

So many people contend over the Bible. It’s probably the second thing that has divided Christianity over the years. This confusion that was sown by former generations is being reaped now. Some people have this “out” to explain their point of view, “It wasn’t translated correctly/ the scribes corrupted (changed) it over the years/ the meaning of these words have changed ( and only I know the right one)… etc.”

For these reasons, the passage that states that God will preserve His word escapes them. Instead, they sow falsehoods among the truth,which is as useful as planting weeds among the grain. We may not be here to see them reap it, but we will see the result of it on the Judgement Day.

Other verses on reaping/sowing:

  • Job 4:8 – sowing and reaping trouble

  • Psalm 126:5 – sowing tears and reaping joy

  • Proverbs 11:18 – sowing righteousness

  • Hosea 10:12 – reaping unfailing love

  • John 4:37 – one sows, another reaps

  • 2 Corinthians 9:6 – sowing and reaping generously

  • Galatians 6:7 – a man reaps what he sows

Keep an eye out on tv, Glenn Beck had a special about the End of Days last night and Anderson Cooper 360 will ask “What is a Christian?” next week.


sound on, 1, 2, 3, 4, sound off

Alba – Growing up in Oklahoma, the sun was always up before I was. Living in Indiana has shown me that most people do not have that luxury. They do, however, have the oppurtunity to see both the sunrise and sunset without loosing sleep. As I type this, the sunrise occurs just behind me, but I cannot take pictures because there isn’t a clear shot. As today ends, I’ll have a clear view of the sunset.

What magnificent colors, shades and hues! How beautifully they blend welcoming and wishing the sun farewell. Surely this glorifies God. The Bible says that everything down here glorifies God one way or another. We do in obedience and praise, but these require practice. (In the sense that it ought to be done more than once, but I doubt humans can ever be totally obedient.)

The Bible also says that if people stop prasing God, the rocks will start. I don’t know why I equate that verse with earthquake, but it seems entirely plausible to me. Sound, after all, had just as much to do with Jericho’s walls falling down as the vibrations caused by the millions of people marching around it. Praise is a happy and noisy thing. We serve a really big God.


WorcesterRouT – Take a random piece of paper and crumple it up. Un-Crumple it. Repeat steps one and two until the paper reaches a softer consistancy. We are born with a sin nature, our soul is both crumpled and crippled, in a sense. The more we sin, the softer we become. No matter what we do, our good words, our volenteering, and the like will not uncrumple the paper to a state like it was before it was crumpled. It’s never to be, forgive the word, perfect as a result of our actions, save one.

The one action is to give that paper to God. God will wash it and restore it. By doing so, that means that it has changed and so we have changed with it. As proof of the change, some say that good fruits should be the results. For the longest while I failed to understand what was meant by the phrase. I’m not certain, but I think that it means the results are good things such as, but not neccessiarily or limited to an increasing measure of the fruits of the Spirit.

Even the most practiced sinner, practiced to the point of – dare I say it? – perfection, is apt to notice that their crumpled and torn paper (which is the result if you were to continue crumpling the paper) can be restored if they only ask God. There are two gameplans in this world to chose from. That of God, and the one that isn’t His. Most of us know God’s plan of salvation, but only having read C.S. Lewis’ “Screwtape Proposes a Toast” do I understand what the other plan could possibly be.

I really think that the undecided will suddenly find themselves on one team or the other, but the majority may find that they’re fighting God. Since His return is on a day that not even Jesus knows, we must be prepared for it to be any and every day hereafter.

dividing line and fighting words

WindsorAntDBol – I picked up a collection of essays by C.S. Lewis called The World’s Last Night and Other Essays yeterday. It mentions at the end of “On Obstinacy in Belief” that many who believe that God is also believe in God. I know that it is possible for people to believe that God is but not not believe in Him. I know it well because we talked about a religion that believes God is, but not in Jesus.

The dividing line between all religions is where they stand as far as Jesus is concerned. The three major world religions believe that Jesus was a prophet and/or teacher among men and nothing more, Jesus is God in the form of the Son, or that Jesus was the Messiah and would play the role of deputy in the end times.

Some of the other religions believe that Jesus is an angel but not God, Jesus is one of many gods in the universe and the one God that you are to follow, that Jesus was imprinted on us to keep us in line but not the truth, that Jesus was a man but not God, or, well, let’s just say that the list goes on and on.

I leave you with Matthew 16:15, “But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?”


Looking out the window on the way to the Library, I smiled as I saw acres of very green grass. Green is a good color. It signifies prosperity and spring. In the movie, The Fifth Element, green meant understanding. Paradises are often lush, green forests of the tropical variety. Many do not offer a second thought to the soybean and corn fields in the countrysides of practically everywhere.

Green: the color of our money, according to Kermit, it’s not an easy color to be, in theatre it often represents greed, jelousy, and/or averice, it’s a primary color that complements magenta, Ireland is said to have fourty shades of green, Greenland is covered in ice, and Iceland is quite green. Rookies are green, and so is the Jolly Green Giant, but he’s no rookie. Gardeners are said to have green thumbs. There’s more to green than meets the eye, I can’t list all of the things associated with green, but there’s much more than this.

Some people choose to go after greenbacks. It’s a very old cause, but it does no favors for its oldest followers. Money can’t fix everything. I think, however, there’ll be green in Heaven. Ministers have to be doubly concerned about money, primarily as good shepherds. A website called MinistryWatch: has been built to report on the wealth of the better known televangelists. Interestingly enough, the Bible says that people who believe that the Bible will bring them riches have missed the point.

the practices of faith

WST Engl – We all know the saying “practice makes perfect.” Perhaps this is why the Bible uses the word practice to describe things that are often done continually. Phil 4:9 “Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me-put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.”

A Soccer team that holds only one practice a year will never improve as quickly as a soccer team that practices one every week. A Christian that practices only once a year will never improve as quickly as a Christian who practices daily the relationship he or she professes.

The easiest way to tell your progress is to check the fruits of the work. How have things turned out? Are they better? Is there something that still needs to be improved? Has anything changed at all? Do you need to put more time into your effort?

It takes 21 days to turn an activity into a habit. You can make a habit of your routine. You can make it part of your routine to dedicate more than 7 minutes to God. Don’t do it because you have to, but because you love to and you love Him.


VoltaT – There was a time when people didn’t know that anything could exist that was too small to see. There was a time when these invisible cells were considered simple. Now it it known that the smaller a thing is, the more complex are its workings.

Scientists have learned that the frequency often found in the chirp of a bird signals the plant cells to open wider and accept more sunlight. In every cell of a body, mobile messengers have very similar parts to the electric motor. A remote controlled vehicle was built to be so small, it cannot be seen without magnification.

As small as small things seem to us, we probably seem as small ourselves. The biggest distance we can comprehend isn’t even a hundreth of anything. 1 Cor 8:1b “…Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up.” God is bigger than we can comprehend, His love more than we can ever know, and His wisdom is more profound than any depth we know. We are so small, and yet He has made us something that He cares for and has plans for even the most unruly of us.