eyes on the prize

Imprint MT Shadow – Many people think that it’s a blessing to win the lottery. These people haven’t heard the statistics. On ‘Rugrats’, Chaz lost everything after investing in a machine that didn’t work. In ‘It Could Happen To You’, the police officer recieved a divorce and lost all the money in the settlement. In a few sci-fi books and movies, to win the lottery is to lose your life. The truth is, if you win a lot money, worse things may happen to you.

It would be something to be famous. Certainly people will look up to you. Then again, if you become famous, you’ll find that you have lost the privacy that comes with anonimity. Every action will be questioned, every motive will be scrutinized, and every word will be debated. You will become the you that your fans expect. Your image is everything, even if your principles go against it. There are other types of fame, but it does not matter, the rise of a star is just as entertaining as its fall. However, it is very difficult to keep the faith and keep the fans.

However, the best things that this world can offer aren’t really all that good. To gain something in this world, you apparently have to lose something. What benefit would it be to gain the world and to lose your soul? Money will degrade, and fame lingers only in the memories of the fans, but faith lasts into eternity.

To borrow another blog’s concept, as much as this world is a mess, being a Christian will mess up your life. God will interrupt your life to teach you various lessons. If you don’t learn it the first time, God has plenty of time to teach it to you until you learn it. Just like learning to walk, God will take a step back so we can take a step forward in the faith. God will take things away and he’ll give them back. It’s not a life for those faint of heart, it’s a life for those who want to live their life to the fullest.


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