three six five

WorcesterRouT – It’s all about the new year. Some are planning which parties to attend, I’m planning which movies to watch. I wonder all that I’ll accomplish. I ponder the things that I might possibly fail to do. I don’t have a resolution because it isn’t neccesary. Why resolve to do a couple of things at the beginning of the year when we should resolve to do something each week?

Not much has changed in 365 days. I’m a year older, but probably not much wiser. I still haven’t done what I was supposed to do five years ago. I’ve made plans that I will not accomplish in the near future. I’ve made dessert a few times. I can’t count how many batches of chili I made. I’ve looked into continuing studying spanish. I tried to read “Despierto en el Espiritu”, “Sopa de Pollo”, and another book, but I’ve not made much progress. I’ve been good all year, I think.

What will change in 365 days? There’s no telling, really. Another year, perhaps. Going, seeing, doing, writing, meeting, working, maybe. Nothing is set in stone. There’s the hope that we’ll get the transfer, there’s the hope that we’ll get through the year if we don’t. It’s strange to think that it’s so difficult to live here, high taxes in a community surrounded by cornfields.

It’s just that it’s difficult to wait. I know God will come through in due time, but why can’t that due time be today or tomorrow? Four years of waiting, and the more we wait, the more difficult it will be to get out of here. If it doesn’t happen, then we must mait two more years. That’s a lot of time to pass, and I doubt it’ll fly.


sap and syrup

VoltaT – When sap is first collected from the trees, it flows to a sort of holding station. There as much as 75% of the water within will be boiled out to form a more concentrated syrup for those waffles, pancakes, and french toast that we all enjoy in the morning.

I want to boil down all the things I believe into simple statements, but I also want to understand why I  believe the things I believe.

I believe that God inspired dozens of people to write the accounts that make up the Bible. God promised that not a single letter would be lost, and in two thousand years, there are translations of the Bible with more letters and others with less. I believe that some translations are truer than others, but also that the Holy Spirit can work within whichever translation is in use to guide to truths we must come to understand. If you ask me, each and every story in the Bible happened as it was written. If it wasn’t so, Jesus would have told us. The things in Revelation will surely come to pass.

God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit make up the trinity. The trinity, to me, each represent a major aspect, a major third of the God that I’m too limited to understand. He created everything, all that is good. Anything that is not good is a perversion of what was good. He is Holy, and as such anthing that is not good cannot have a place in His prescence. Hell was created to be a place to put the corrupted and fallen angels who are without salvation because they rejected God as holy beings. Humans that choose not to believe in God are put there because the were not made holy. Humans are not holy because sin is in them. God does not want us to perish, He saved us as Jesus, by being the final sacrifice, but we must acknowledge this (see the Donutmaster post, good luck finding it.)

By being saved, our names will be written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. We will go to heaven, but above all, be in the prescence of the God who loved us so much he died for our sins. Whatever the experience of it will be, we won’t be what we expect of it. 


Verdana – I was watching an episode of a fairly popular show where a woman refused help even though that was why she was there. It defeated the purpose, really. I like to use the word adamant when describing certain people. The definition thereof is, “resistant to reason; determined; inflexible; unshakeable; unyielding.”

I know people who are adamant as far as God is concerned, one way or the other. Others sincerely don’t know what to think. What do you think of this logic?

“The existance of the Israelites is proof enough for me. As a people, they have always existed. Their land is theirs now, when it wasn’t it was a barely wanted desert. As long as the Israelites live in Israel there is a blessing on the land. Whatever befalls it, whomever goes against it, cannot last against the God of Israel. In six days, they were able to reclaim pieces of land with great historical and religious value. Even with many of her neighbors gunning against her, in fifty years they have withstood.”

Another person I once knew simply said, “I just don’t see God’s power.”

As for me, I see that America is blessed because we back Israel. Because of the nature of our government, we have to vote in people who we believe will continue to support Israel as an ally and as a nation. I believe that Christians have been grafted into the family of God. The process of grafting does hold a number of notable parallels. The original roots and vines must remain healthy or the plant will die. I don’t believe that Christians have replaced the Israelites, if that were the case then neither the shoot to be grafted in or the original plant would survive. Plants must be cared for with sunlight, water, and nutrients from the ground. For Christians, we have the light of God, the living water from Jesus, and nutrients from the Word of God. We can read the accounts of the things that God has done for His people and in the process of cultivating them to be a holy people in the Holy Bible. These things must be done for us also, but as the grafted stock, the process differs.

The rest I’ll ponder for a future post, but the point is this, even the most adamant of people can have an experience that makes them turn 180 Degrees.

My God Is

VendomeT – My God is big. He is too big to be contained in only one part of my life. He is too much to confine to the 24 hours found on sundays. I look at the blackness of the night sky wondering just how many million miles it goes before a point of light appears and I know not even that expanse is sufficient a place to put God. I’ve read that He created absolutely everything, I know the quote that was attributed to Him begins like this, “Let there be…”

My God is sovereign. He gets all 24/7/365 unless it’s a leap year in which he gets that extra day, too. He has stopped all those who planned to destroy His chosen people. They are still here, those who fought them long ago are long gone. Those who challenge them today will suffer the same fate. He listened to Joshua the day Joshua asked that the sun and moon be stopped. He forgave David after he had sinned and still called him “A man after God’s own heart.”

My God is awesome. He doesn’t need me to carry Him. He doesn’t need me to feed Him. He isn’t of stone. He isn’t of wood. He hears me. He helps me. He can see in the dark. He can see all the world all the time. He knows the troubles that I face because He went through them. He knows the way that I am because He walked it with me.

My God is wonderful. He makes the garden grow. He makes me grow in my understanding of Him. He keeps me healthy. He keeps me safe. He is, He does, He will, it all boils down to He. He is all that matters. He does what He says He will do. He is more than enough and He is all that I need.

My God is my Heavenly Father. He gave me a video game. He said it was okay for me to have it. He wanted me to have it because He knew that it would make me happy, and it did. He was happy to give it to me because it made Him happy that I was happy.

Questions that do not have answers

Tw Cen MT – Did y’all have a Merry Christmas? I hope so. I found the break helpful, but no much as to give me any idea of what to write about. The headlines aren’t giving me any ideas either. I do wonder why the announcement of the most probable location of the Jewish Temple didn’t make bigger news. I’ve spent much time discussing theology to an exent over the last few days. You see, God doesn’t change. According to the New Testament, God backed up Paul’s ministry with small miracles. Why aren’t the same miracles here today?

According to the New Testament, there were all sorts of wonderful gifts, like the two we discount today, prophecy and tongues. The only thing that has changed is us, so are they not around as much because we don’t believe that they are so despite the fact that it happened? I’d like it to be explained to me how come I hear reports of tongues being spoken when missionaries assist the most isolated tribes.

Jesus often said that a thing was done because of a person’s faith. All it takes is faith the size of a mustard seed to see some of the most wonderful things through. Yet…why is it that we are less faithful than the churches before us? Where are those who speak in tongues and those who translate for them? Where are those who prophecy and explain what was meant? Where are those who have the faith it takes to move a mountain and why aren’t they in church?

Was the day of Pentecost only for the 12 Disciples? Or do we need to wait for our own Pentecost? Can a person be an Apostle today? Is it because we are okay with the status quo that these things aren’t so? What if we took us out of our equation and replaced ourselves with Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit? Could we handle the miraculous events that follow? Do we even want to try?

tomorrow’s future

Trekker – We always look forward to a bright future, flying cars, robots, and lots of other cool things. Then again, we are the future that nobody ever saw comming. Before flying cars, there were cars of the ordanary variety. Before robots there had to be assembly robots, and before the lots of other cool things, there had to be things to be improved.

This future isn’t bright, at least not yet. While we have made advances, they’ve come at a great cost. The microwave, velcro, and a number of other useful gizmos came from the armed services seeking soluctions to perplexing problems. Some accidents resulted in lucky inventions. The need to destroy enimies prompts the creation of ever more inventive weapons. Now non-lethal weapons get to be tested on us before being thrust into battle. My favorite though, is the “Voice of God”.

Natural disasters and a few unnatural ones share the news with stories with horrific crimes, armed conflict, violence, and death. We look forward to the future that we can’t see today. Why not intervene to make tomorrow’s future today one step at a time? Make somebody’s day somehow, there are lots of charity’s that ask for more than money. Use your excess to complete another’s lack, of food, of shoes, of coats, of blankets, of shelter, of clothing, of anything and everything.

It’s been done in the name of love.

Trebuchet MS – The order of events on how we got from there to here:

1.) Genesis 1 – 4: The creation of the Earth, The creation of the Garden of Eden, The casting out of Adam and the recently named Eve, and The story of Cain and Abel
 – Earth was Good
 – Sin came into the picture
 – More sin, this time it’s murder
 – Later Cain is killed for injuring a man

2.) Genesis 6 – 9: The Flood
 – The inclination of man’s heart is evil all the time
 – Noah preached to the people, but none would listen
 – The ark took more than a few weekends, it took a few hundred years
 – The rainbow was established as a sign of God’s covenant

3.) Genesis 15 – 22: Abram and Sarai get new names, Issac is promised, Issac arrives, Ishmael and Hagar are sent away, Abraham is asked to sacrifice Issac
 – God’s Covenant concerning the land Abraham’s descendants will possess
 – God promises to make both Ishmael and Issac mighty nations
 – Abraham’s obedience is the evidence of his faith when asked to sacrifice Issac
 – God tells Abram what will happen to his descendants

4.) Isaiah 14:15-17: The virgin will be with child, Isaiah 53: A man of sorrows, Zecariah 13:7-9: The shepherd is struck and the sheep flee
 – I’ve read that prophecy is history in advance, these are all prophecies concerning the Messiah whom christians have identified as Jesus Christ.

5.) Luke 1 – 3: The events before John (the Baptist’s) and Jesus’ Births
 – Isaiah 14:15-17 is fulfilled, the virgin Mary is with child
 – Malachi 4:5-6 is fulfilled, John the Baptist is identified to the Elijah that was to come
 – Isaiah 40:3 is fulfilled, John the Baptist is the voice of one calling from the desert

6.) Luke 22-24: The events before, during, and after Jesus’ death and ressurection
 – Isaiah 53 is fulfilled, Jesus is crushed for many sins
 – Zechariah 13:7-9 is fulfilled, Jesus’ disciples flee when Jesus is arrested
 – Psalm 22 is fulfilled, guards cast lots for Jesus’ garments

7.) Revelation: The events concerning the end of the world as we know it
 – there is more prophecy, history in advance, yet to occur. Jesus will return. (“If it were not so I would have told you.”) The ultimate battle between good and evil ends. (We win, by the way.) The world will take sides, which one are you rooting for?