Tug of War

Berlin Sans FB – In summertime, tug-of-war is standard game people play at fairly large gatherings. I saw this commercial with people pulling on a large rope but I had to wonder. If you couldn’t see either end of the rope, how would you know if you are pulling in the right dirrection? Would you even know what team you are pulling for? The Oxford English Dictionary says that the phrase ‘tug of war’ originally meant the decisive contest; the real struggle or tussle; a severe contest for supremacy. Only in the 19th century was it used as a term for an athletic contest between two teams who haul at the opposite ends of a rope. The origins of this sport is relatively unknown, but I like the OED definition. There is a a severe contest of supremacy going on. The challenger is Satan and he has many demons on his team. God and his angels make up the other team. Those of us who aren’t pulling for God’s team are pulling for the other team. Unlike when TOW was an olympic event, you don’t win silver for comming in second in this sort of race. God could win this thing easy, but he’s being slow about it, knowing that some people from the other team will choose to pull on His team if given enough time to make that decision. 


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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