United under the Red, White, and Blue

Bodoni MT – November. Nine. We just made it through Halloween in time for what could be a great horror or a great help, the election. In a time when we’re supposed to come together and decide the future of our great nation, I feel more divided than ever. It’s red verses blue. The elephant verses the donkey. It’s life and death. It’s war and economy. It’s taxes and infrastructure. Then I remember the stories. Take this little town for example, they all thought that it would be really nice to have a bridge here. Everybody wanted it and everybody spoke passionately for it. Then the treasurer stood up and presented the facts. It would cost too much, increase everybody’s taxes, and the community would be better served by putting the bridge elsewhere or having no bridge at all. We’re like that community. We’re all for the bridge, we love listening about the bridge. We just don’t need it here. Deciding our future isn’t just deciding who is going to be in the big seat for four or eight years, it’s deciding how things are going to be solved. Are you looking forward so much for that bridge that you aren’t paying attention to just how much it’ll cost you and your children? America isn’t a community of you, we’re fifty states, divided by almost everything, united under one flag of red, white and blue.

Red: Hardiness & Valor
White: Purity & Innocence
Blue: Vigilance, Perseverance & Justice

This flag has quite a legacy, some say that they can’t wear this flag because of what it has done to the world. I’m proud to be represented by this flag because of what it has done to the world. I can’t immagine America under another flag. It’s not the flag that brings us together, but the freedom that it represents. If it was good enough for those who came before us, it’s sufficient for us now.


3 thoughts on “United under the Red, White, and Blue

  1. I have a question.  I heard something about Obama wanting to change the flag and you seemed to alude to it in your last paragraph so do you know what that is all about??


  2. @Hecalmsthestorm – I was refering to Obama’s opinion that the flag is too divisive and that he feels he cannot wear a flag pin to show that he is patriotic. It would not surprise me if Obama wanted to change flag to something more palpable if he ended up commander-in-chief, maybe that O logo of his. I hadn’t heard that he wanted to change it. I’m pointing out that the flag and what it represents unites us as a country.


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