What Kind of Church Are You?

MS Sans Serif – All Christians make up the body of the Church, attend in the building known as the Church, and are in more than one sense of the word the Church. I know of all sorts of Churches (buildings). Are you the sort of Church that is disconnected from its community? Are you the sort of Church that is popular and shallow? Are you the sort of church that is unaccepting and condescending? Are you the sort of church that strictly follows the dictates of tradition? Are you the sort of church that boldly casts off tradition? What does your Church say about you?

I’d have to credit three churches (buildings and bodies of memberships) that have resulted in what understanding I now have of the Gospel. NPC, (later FCCC,) was the family church. Everybody had been attending there for years. None of the teaching really stuck, but Logos was an interesting program. Wednesday afternoons were spent learning, singing, making something, eating dinner, and playing games. The number of students in my youth group was three. The church, however, lost many members when it relocated to a corner that was nearby two other churches. It had leadership issues, last I visted it five years ago, a member turned clergy was preaching.

After a move to another state we found (after much searching) HBC. Good church, good people. They are one of the few churches that have a slow and steady increase in membership. Its just plagued with youth issues. There are alot of young youth, but it can’t figure out why the older youth choose to go elsewhere. Its pastor had started young and has logged in many years there (with many more on the way.) Everybody knows everybody there, but nothing changes. They are going to not change themselves into the future and wonder why other churches who have been in the community for not even half as much time have three times as many people.

LC is where I currently am. I could have stayed at HBC, but I got to the point where I missed my family and it distracted me from worship. There are alot of older youth, college age, young couples. The figures are that the youth, all of them are of a greater number than all the members of my former church put together. There are twice as many adults as there are youth. This church doesn’t stick to tradition, it creates it.

What kind of Church am I? I am one that doesn’t mind the traditional hymns every now and then, but finds the contemporary music easier to sing. I’m big on my family, they’re all I have. I want deeper teachings, I want increased understanding of what I already know. I’m not picky on the translation, but I won’t budge on the fact that the teachings must have Biblical support. I’m the sort of church that believe that what God says goes whether I like it or not. I believe that the message of Jesus is central to my Christianity and that there must be ample room for the Holy Spirit to move in my life. I believe that step two (step one being get saved) is becoming like Christ. I’m not yet at step three, but I’ll tell you what it is when I get there, I don’t think that far ahead.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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