We are duly warned

Tempus Sans ITC – (I took a look back to see how much things have changed in the years. I’ve done alot of growing in the way I write since I first began. I realized that I write all of this more or less for me and at one point or another I forgot that my other audience member since the begining was God. Now I remember.)

When I see Elohim, Adonai, or YHWH, I know that is another name for God.
When I see Jesus or the Holy Spirit, I know that is another name for God.
I even know that Jehovah is a translation of YHWH.
But I know of no other names for God.

Not all roads lead to Rome, not all faiths lead to Heaven. My God isn’t the deity of every religion. Nobody can rise to the rank of deity, no matter how hard one tries. There is no god like my God.

God is uncomparable, unfathomable, and unprecedented. He is without equal, righteous, and holy. He is beyond time, beyond borders, and beyond limits. God is at all places at all times. He knows all things and has the power to direct all things acording to His will. He is more awesome than the awesome things on televison. He is more wonderful than the wonderful things found in any other book.

I know its the end times. God told me about what would be going on. Jesus mentioned that people will say that he is over here or just over there. We know that Jesus will come back the way he left, the Bible clearly describes his return. There will be no reincarnation, reiteration, or nothing. Anybody who declares themselves to be Jesus is lying. The Bible warned us about them, too. They will decieve even the elect if it is possible.

The more familiar you are with the truth in the Bible, the less likely you will be decieved.


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