Note to Self:

Arial – It’s all too easy to make yourself the center of all that’s important, but remember that you gave that position up for something better. From here on out, you are to ride shotgun. Let Jesus take – and keep – the reins. No backseat driving, Jesus is more than capable of guiding you through life’s perils until you reach your final destination, Heaven.

Avoid any and all turn-offs, tourist traps and other routes either right or left, keep going straight. Jesus will provide you all the rest and anything else you might need. You are now on His time, and it will take big chunks out of the time your wristwatch can keep, so don’t eye it as if you can speed things up, if you tried to, you could loose out on a wonderful blessing that takes time to grow and flourish. Don’t even think about putting up your time and then retiring, this narrow road will take every second of your life.

This is the scenic route of your life. The road will not always be easy, sometimes it doesn’t even seem that it’s there at all, but it is. You can’t control what happens here, but you are responsible for how you respond to it.

Just so you don’t forget, when you were in the driver’s seat you were constantly wandering away, not a friend to people, and was a picture of inconsistancy unable to balance your interests or needs. Now that you’re the passenger you’re on the right road for a change, you have friends, and are much more consistant but are still working on that one. See, things are much better for you and don’t forget that. If you do you might go back and that just isn’t much progress.

I know that you will one day want a hobby farm, but even if you don’t get it, remember that Heaven is a pretty cool place and totally worth missing out on a hobby farm. Be patient, and God will send you somewhere that language ability might or might not do you some good, but keep practicing anyway.

Don’t forget that you’re no longer pointing attention to the fact that you’re in the drivers seat, now Jesus is so let people see that in all you do. Don’t keep any glory for anything good for yourself and don’t blame Him for everything bad. You’re still undergoing discipline every now and then to make you a better disciple.

It’s pretty special to be in shotgun position. You’ve got the Bible at the ready, don’t hesitate to use it. Now sit back and enjoy the ride, this next part is going to be real fun.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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