What happened Yesterday

Comic Sans MS – My uncle e-mailed us last week to tell us that he was getting a new television and that we were welcome to the old one under the condition that we go there to pick it up. My mom and all the boys loaded up and went to go get said television yesterday afternoon and all was well on the way there.

On the way back, the SUV started making noises as the vehicle accelerated and then it died. My dad had made cars and trucks all his life, even though he couldn’t identify the problem, he knew better than to try to drive it home.

That’s when I recieved the call. They were thirty miles away and needed the numbers of whatever towing services were in the nearest two cities. I took the online Yellow Pages and completed their request. There was nothing left for me to do but wait.

At their end, the towing service they selected found them quickly and loaded the truck with no delay. The driver mentioned that he was not allowed to drive all four passengers, but only two. My mother and the exchange student recieved that honor. As for my father and brother, they would have to wait at McDonalds.

No sooner had they entered the restaurant they met a member of our former church. He said that he would have left an hour earlier, but he and his friend got to talking and they lost track of the time. He realized that it was not usual for us to visit a McDonalds thirty miles away from home. (He lived out in that direction and regularly made the thirty mile trip to church in our town.)

He offered my father and brother a ride home, and they accepted. My brother took the oppurtunity to put his Christmas gift to good use, he called us from his cell phone and had me update mom about their good fortune. They all arrived safe and sound and installed the new television in short order. My dad remarked that the towing fee was a cheap price to pay for a bigger flat screen television.

What floors me about yesterday are all the details. How the tow truck had no trouble finding my parents or loading up the t.v.-laden SUV, how my parents had given my brother a cell phone that Christmas when every other time he was given a cell phone by anybody else it was taken away, how that member of our former church happened to be there, and how easily the new television was set up. Now we have to figure out what to do with a 37-in. monster television that is as tall as it is wide and as wide as it is deep.

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