What Else Happened the Day Before Yesterday

Before I can get to that, there is a lot of back story. Two people from the Island of Living-It-Up left to visit their families for Thanksgiving. They celebrated that together here. By Christmas, one had left and the other celebrated that here. Just a few days ago the one that had remained walked outside in a bad mood. Curious as to the reason for this odd behavior, I kept watch and noticed that several seconds later the one who had left walked out from behind the neighbor’s tree. My dad walked outside to put out the trash and the one who had left took off running like his life depended upon it, tresspassing on the neighbors’ properties without caring about anybody other than himself. Such suspicious behavior from my sister’s husband doesn’t gain my parent’s respect or approval, and that was only half the problem. The one that had left, the husband, has a family that always knows each other’s business. We recieved a call from the husband’s mother saying that her home had been broken into, only a little food and a video game were missing. The husband’s grandfather had discovered this and called to ask of my sister’s whereabouts. Fortunately for her, we were playing Monopoly. Until things could be sorted out, it wouldn’t be wise to let my sister’s husband enter this house and so such a rule was created.

About an hour after everybody had gone to get the television, I thought I heard something odd. Things were unusually quiet, but nobody in their right mind angrily whispers “It’s not my fault!” at their television. With my hearing as sound as it is, I focused my attention and discerned the owner of the other voice. I was at the computer, which is in the dinning room and saw my sister heat up all the taco left overs and take them back to her room. “Tell him hi for me.” I told her to let her know that I knew that he was here. I didn’t know about the rule and didn’t quite know what to do. I figured that as a married couple they needed time to sort out what had been going on. Since the husband had been homeless and he wasn’t welcome at his mother’s home my sister was greatly concerned. In a fashion like my father, I knocked on the door and saw him there. I officially suggested that if he doesn’t leave more serious action would have to be taken. My sister said she was trying to kick him out. She wasn’t trying very hard. Having seen him here, I sent a text message to my parents cellphone. I later learned that they never recieved that text message because the phone was dropped in a puddle. Not only was this bad enough but every time she would enter or exit her room, where he was, she would lock the door behind her. After some time, he left. The aftermath was what one would expect of somebody emotionally manipulated. She cried and expressed her worry that his inability to impress dad would lead to his suicide. She left a message on the cellphone stating that he had been here, but not the whole truth, she had long ago forgotten how to do that. That morning dad had asked me to bake chocolate chip cookies, so I did. My sister ate some of the dough. By the way, I’m certain of one thing. If he had entered by the back door I would have seen him. Had he entered by either of the other doors, I would have heard him. All three doors remained closed and locked. He entered and exited this house by the window. If he wanted to gain the respect and approval of my dad, it would be a simple matter of getting a job, finding an appartment, and cutting back on the video games. My mom said that he was the sort who would rather make you feel sorry for him than to get a job. It seems to be the case with my sister. About an hour later we got the call about the broken down SUV.

I’m telling you these things so that you can fully understand this prayer request: God’s will. The husband has a pattern of behavior that worries us, and running at the sight of dad or sneaking inside through the widow isn’t helping matters any. They have been married for almost three years, are a young couple, and have already lost a house and everything in it, a SUV – the Cadilac Escalade, a big flatscreen t.v., and a big boat. They constantly move in-between two states at opposite ends of the country. We gave them furniture and now its gone. They had over $75,000 dollars to get a good begining, but they wasted it. Creditor’s call us and warrant officers have visited us more than once. I want God’s will in this thing because I don’t know what he knows. As jealous as we are for my sister’s well-being, she’s the light bulb that has to get fed up because putting up with it all just isn’t getting them anywhere. As for me, I’m tired of feeling like life is a soap opera when things like this happen around here.


3 thoughts on “What Else Happened the Day Before Yesterday

  1. Wow.  That is quite a story.  How sad for your sister, and your entire family. Any chance that there are drug problems?  Your parents are going to have to practice what I call tough love.  It is tough.  Very tough.I, too, pray God’s will for your sister.  May be bring them to their knees and quickly.


  2. @gokellyjo – When I wrote the follow-up to the Island of Living-It-Up, I mentioned that the News Agency (the husband’s family) told us that they had bought the drug addiction from the corner drugstore. The thing is that the husband’s family thinks that this sort of thing is normal behavior and we’re weird. So much manipulation goes on, so many half-truths, exagerations, and full-blown lies that we don’t like to deal with them any more than we have to. The husband’s grandfather told us to out-right sell our retirement property and to use that money to help his grandson out. I sarcastially asked if he wanted our Land Run claim to go with it. At least things have calmed down, but I suspect that my sister’s husband will soon cause trouble, he doesn’t know how to stay out of it or have honest work.


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