My Relationships to / with God

Eras Demi ITC – (While filling out one of several employment applications, I realized I have two major strikes against me: neither refrences nor previous work history – sadly this blog does not count. I believe that, given time, I will earn both and be better off for it. Come to think of it, I do have a sole reference:)

Name: God
Address: Is Everywhere, Primarily,
   A.) Heaven
   B.) My Heart
Phone Number: Reached through Prayer
Occupation: Creator, Savior, Judge, God, Potter, Gardener, etc.
Relationship: Father/daughter, God/worshipper, Shepherd/sheep, Teacher/student, Judge/pardoned person, Savior/saved person, and Friends, among other things

Father / daughter: I’m the sort of girl that became a football fan to spend more time with my dad, but I seem to have much difficulty setting aside time to be with my Father. It’s funny how we always remember the little things about our dads – mine will always find a way to support me even when he can’t find the words to say. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been adopted into God’s family that things are … well, different. I can’t even think of a movie dad that portrays what its like. I feel like I’m at camp all summer and homesick to see somebody I haven’t met in a long time. I’m anxious if I’ve pleased Him. Will He be proud of me or will He scold me for not having done a little better? Will He comfort and encourage me or will He forget about the past and show me the future beyond summer camp?

God / worshipper: Remember in Narnia the remark, “It’s not as if he’s a tame lion.” Sometimes we need to be put in our place, God isn’t like the gods of old. He doesn’t need to be carved, carried, or fed. He doesn’t need anything from us. He is the one and only Living God. Now that I’m His, I have the privledge of worshipping Him. This religion I’m in is not one that make for myself, but one that He made for me. This is a religion of relationships, and all relationships require time. There is a time for Him to be my Father and my Friend, but there is a time for Him to be my God.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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