My Relationships to / with God II

Shepherd / sheep: Sheep are frustrating animals. They easily wander away and loose the way back. Jesus had many illustrations how He was the Shepherd. Were it not for him, I don’t know where I’d be. Even King David saw himself as the sheep in Psalm 32. The Shepherd guides, protects, seeks out the lost, and He lives with His sheep.

Teacher / student: I’m always learning something from God. Something about Him, usually, but there I times I learn something about myself. Not only am I learning from the parables, but from the passages He inspired that were written by the apostles. Even cooler is that I’m having a much easier time understanding the Old Testament. I’m learning things outside of the Bible, too. Primarily what Israel is up against. He has led to me people and programs that teach me exactly what I need to know. We know the Western style of teaching, one teacher teaching twenty plus students. The Eastern style of teaching is a much smaller ratio. I really get to know my teacher, but I get to walk with Him and do what He does.

Judge / the pardoned: So I went wrong, very wrong – and even worse – I got caught. I broke the law from day one and now I have to pay the price. Were I unsaved the punishment would be Hell. Then Jesus steps up and my name is found in The Book of Life (Lamb’s?) – one of the two, anyway I get a pardon. I’m free. Now I don’t know about you, but I want to show that I’ve deserved that pardon by changing my life. I stop going to the wrong places, meeting the wrong people, at the wrong times, and stop doing the wrong things. I start following Jesus’ example as best I can.


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