My Relationships to / with God III

Savior / the saved: Picture this – the person in distress, specifically the danger of an imminent fiery death, then salvation swoops in and saves the day. It’s the sort of stuff that comics were made from in the good old days. Or, perhaps, the comics were based off of the heroic sacrifice of Jesus. From now on, I have renewed appreciation for my life because how close I came to loosing it. When I see my Savior, I have to thank Him every time for what He did for me. He didn’t have to save me, but he wanted to.

Friends: We go way back, Me ‘n’ God. I met Him through the church. We sat together, He’d pass me notes. It’s been a rocky friendship, but He’s there for me. Surprisingly, He puts up with me and is always there to help me out. There are times though, that he steps back so I can grow and seek Him. When I don’t do so well, he seeks me out. I’m not so good at friendships, so he’s teaching me the right way to be a friend.

Among other things: It’s difficult to define exactly every relationship I have with God, but I hope I hit all the major ones in this list. There are some relationships that are in the major category that I can’t quite touch on – I don’t have the words.

There are so many religions out there that are dependant on the person and they works they do to ensure their salvation. Christianity is a relationship with Christ. The only work you do that counts for anything is accepting Jesus into your heart. So if you don’t already have a relationship with Him, let me ask, are you interested in one?


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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