Sounding The Alarm

Georgia – Now in the Bible it says that watchmen are posted on the gates and if they see a danger coming and do not blow their horn than the blood that is spilled will be on their own heads, but if that watchman wakes up the whole town he isn’t responsible for any blood that is spilled. It seems like every time I wanted to write about this certain topic everything was wrong. However, it will be to my shame if I say nothing and somebody gets hurt. I expect people to call me names once it is all said and done, but you have to be warned.

Israel has to defend herself at all costs. Thousands of rockets have been raining down on them not only from Gaza, but now some are flying in from Lebanon. Israel is so conscious not to hurt civilians any more than they have to, they have been calling the areas they are targeting and instructing the civilians to flee. Some of the civilians decided to call their leaders who have come up with a brilliant strategy. Every time they recieve a report that an area is being targeted, they will send civilians to that area. Why? Hamas knows that the more civilians get hurt the more the rest of the world will be on its side. Never mind the fact that Hamas is using it’s civilians’ homes as rocket factories, rocket launching areas, and using the civilians themselves as human shields. Israel can’t stand up to the world, and that is what Hamas is counting on.

Even if only one percent of all followers of Islam are fundalmentalist jihadists, one percent of over a billion people is far too many. Former President Bush hinted that even if the war against them was over for now, it would have to eventually begin again. We are the west, we are used to the ways of the west, anything else is so foreign, we can’t wrap our minds around the thought. Think of it this way, there are millions of people who live in a works system without having been taught of Jesus’ saving sacrifice. The women in that system are subject to getting attacked and stoned in the streets for the sakes of their honor. Every missionary who preaches the gospel lives under a sentence of death. People who convert from Islam also live under a sentence of death.

All it takes for bad people to succeed is for good people to do nothing. If only one percent if Muslims are Jihadists, the ninety-nine percent aren’t too concerned about stopping the one percent. At any time, at any place, one percent can kill alot of people when ninety-nine percent do nothing. Aren’t we even worse? We won’t even risk our own lives to save theirs! Ah, but the warning, when the one percent is weak, they are comanded to lay low and build up their strength. when the one percent is at equal, they are comanded to seek out a treaty why they are under no obligation to fulfil. When that one percent is strong they are commanded to seek out and destroy the infidels, the unbelievers. Don’t believe me? Look at what happens in Israel every day. One day, the battle will take place on our soil and we will ask ourselves why we didn’t finish the battle over there. We will be to blame as the poor watchmen we are.


3 thoughts on “Sounding The Alarm

  1. I get so sick of all the critcism aimed at Israel.  They are only defending themselves and the rest of the world makes them out to be the aggressors. 


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