I’m Laying Down My Hand

Segoe UI – It’s hard to believe, but there are times when its easy for me to feel as if I’m alone. Loneliness defined my childhood. It’s why I’m big on family, they’re stuck with me. Lately, it seems as if all is silent on the internet as well. I figure I’d just lay down my hand and see if its good enough. Here goes what little anonymity I had left …

My name is Eva. It’s short for Evelyn, but I’ve always been called Eva and it’s too late to change it now. (It’s not that I want to, but sometimes I think I would feel more respected if I were referred to as Evelyn every now and then.) I’m left-handed. It runs in the family. I’m blonde, it runs in the family, too. (We were actually surprised that none of us kids were red-headed like a fair few of my aunts and uncles on the side of the family I take after most.)

I was born and raised in Oklahoma around the side of the family that I don’t really take after, aside from the left-handedness. Coincidentally, we moved out of there a few months after a record-breaking tornado. I loved growing up on that one street. (Names, places, and faces have a tendency to be forgotten if I’m not around them at least weekly.) I remember it well. We were an island of five acres on a country-esque street. We were among the handful of houses that had a pond in the back yard. We also had a couple of cows and a horse. It seemed that housing editions were springing up all around us as the yearly flooding worsened. (We were where the feet of two hills met and surrounded by a winding creek.) We left because trouble was brewing at the plant.


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