A Dismal Report: Bad News Arrives at Bad Times

Calibri – I guess the apostles were always dismayed to hear a bad report from the churches they had invested so much of themselves into. Now I feel the same way. The church building that established me in my faith and houses a wonderful church family now suffers.

The details even I don’t know them all, but it follows the usual progression. This is a time where action is needed but nobody wishes to do anything about it. So when it was required for contracts to be signed, they went along with it. Then when it became necessary for worship members to dress the part, it was okay. Now that they are mandated to give a certain amount, they can do nothing but agree.

Condemnation, intimidation, and all sorts of things that have no place in God’s house are everyday plaguing that building and those worshipping within. And who, you might wonder is the guilty party. Those who refuse to take action but are angered by the radical changes, those complacent in the status quo but are unwilling to tend to their brothers and sisters concerns, or the leader that steered his boat into traditionalism and legalism only common in the most extremely fundalmentalst sects of that denomination?

So as you can see, my heart is broken that my old church family, full of wonderful people suffers, is hurt emotionally and spiritually, but are paralyzed by their fear. I know that the afore meantioned leader is devoted to God somewhere in that heart, but having been given a church at a young age didn’t give him the oppurtunity to learn to lean on him. He is in charge. He steers the church. It’s his boat. However, he has forgotten that his boat was purchased, built, and established in the blood of God’s son.

So I knew that when I heard “nasty” was used to destribe the situation, it was an understatement. This is now a time of trial and testing, especially for the leader, but for the passengers as well. Are they too connected to the church boat and are forsaking the church fellowship in many of the other churches? Are the unwilling to get involved to be the Nathan to the David that is leading them? Are they going to remain on the sinking boat? Will they only resort to prayer?

I know from the Bible that some wayward disciples have been handed over so that they may come to realize their error and be saved. Would God do the same to His wayward church? I know that this problem is a wound in a close-knit church, one that everbody feels. It’s going to have casualties. I may already be counted among them.

The healing process may be even be more disasterous depending on how long this slide into extreme fundalmentalsim lasts and how far it is allowed to go. I just hope that bitterness can be overcome by forgiveness. And people who swore off church don’t forsake the fellowship for the sake of the mistake of one leader who has temporarily forgotten to serve God first and the denomination last.

...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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