The Big Trap

Californian FB – (It’s been some time since I last visted my uncle, but I remember well the trap he made to deal with the wild pig population on the farm. He had a solid and high fence put up with a slide-down gate supported open by a loose beam. He would put down corn all around the beam and he explained that the pigs would run into the circular fence so eager to get to the food, they run into themselves and the loose beam, knocking it down in the process which closes the gate. That year, we had some excellent smoked ham and there was plenty to go around.) Rome knew that it’s days were numbered, but buying more time was a simple matter of providing food and entertainment, a buffet of either and both for the price of free. It reminds me of story that should be taught …

Back in the old days, there were swamps interspersed throughout the states. One such swamp – Okee for short – had a particular problem with visciously wild (or wildly viscious) pigs. People tried for years to hunt them out the old fashioned way, but to no avail. One day however, a young man asked for two things: 1: a truck load of bags of corn and 2: directions to the infamous pig-filled swamp. Every few weeks thereafter, he would ask for corn, until some time later he had a much different request. He wanted the locals to help him haul in the pigs that he had captured alive. They inquired as to the details of this unbelievable feat. It was a sizable reply, but since I’m boiling down the story to its bones, essentially the man replied that he had been putting the corn into the clearings where it in no way threatetened the pigs until they had been trained to go to the clearings for their food. (for it was much easier than doing what wild pigs to do get their food), as time progressed he built the fence around them, allowing them plenty of oppurtunities to escape and so they felt that they did not need to. Just that day he finished the fence by securing the gate. Now the pigs – three dozen of them – were trapped.

Rome used the same trick, more or less. Only to keep their citizens from realizing their fence, they entertained them. When the barbarians over-ran the outer reaches of Rome’s empire, it’s citizens were entertained and fed – for free. When Rome had lost whole towns, provinces, and countries to the ravaging wild-men, their citizens were entertained and fed – for free. When the doom was upon them only then it was too late. The people were fed and entertained, but caught unaware as the empire was halved and began its slow descent into death, destruction, and despair. At least the people were fed and entertained. I wouldn’t put it past Satan to use the same trick on his enemies.

But there’s no way, with the immense history of the world known to us would America allow itself to be fed and entertained as it spirals into a slow descent into dealth, destruction and despair. No, we are not over run by barbarians, and doom-bringing wild-men. Ignoring the fact that the average democracy lasts only two hundred years and never survives a moral decay into faithlessness. I’m certain that we would, we probably, maybe even might, okay, we won’t stop giving ourselves bonuses from the treasury, rewarding worklessness, and entertaining the masses, but we just might meet such tough circumstances that we will return to God who can give us the only true freedom.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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