The Boardroom (Parts 1 and 2 of 9)

“Your presence is hereby requested at Creek High School. You will be known as Mr. Green. Your knowledge and a respectful suit are all you need bring.”

The mysterious parchment note read. As if to accent the message, it was all written carefully by hand in green ink. It was an elegant touch.

Mr. Green had lived in the city all his life, he had even attended Creek’s rival, Fairview. Fortunately, there was a map that displayed the route and location of the meeting included in the same envelope as the note. Perhaps it was irony when Mr. Green pulled into Creek High School’s parking lot in his green pick-up truck.

Some years had passed since he jogged onto the football field as a rival ready for battle, however it was a different feeling entering the school as a guest. It had always seemed like a school more fit for the relaxed countryside, although it was an island of trees in the city. The greenhouses, the fields, the landscaping, and the buildings of the complex did not show the school’s long history. In the decades since the school was merely a one-room classroom, the buildings had been destroyed and rebuilt several times.

The place was exquisite and luxurious, it was most certainly the halls of education for the sons and daughters of the wealthiest neighborhoods of the city.

His map told him to traverse the hallway beside the cafeteria. Windows were everywhere, to little gardens that border the cafeteria and to the spacious classrooms as well as the immense library. Beyond the northern garden was a small door, like those of closets and other areas closed off to the students.

His eyes were filled with curiousity as he entered that room. Firstly, he saw a waiting room with a secretary’s desk that led to a little hallway with an office or two on both sides. The doors were open to reveal small spaces, empty desks, and cob-webbed chairs. The far end of the hallway held two spectacular wooden doors, ornately carved. There was light and warmth escaping from the other side. He stood a second wondering how best to enter, should he push open both doors to make an entrance?


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