Some thoughts on The Boardroom

I wanted to mention that most of this story could never happen, were it not for the fact that such a textbook already exists. It was written to discredit Christianity at all costs. I have forgotten its name, but I do know that it will be hailed a victory once it is taught it schools be it one or ten years from now. There was a time when everybody was established on the foundation of Christianity. That time is long gone and the results of it are clearly seen. Decency and modesty are considered as wrong as censorship. Alternatives are hailed as the glorious future before us while Christianity is decried as backwards and responsible for our social ills.

I can’t even imagine what could get worse or what is in store for us. I already know that there will be a day when everybody is of the same religion but it won’t be one that we expect. The Bible tells us alot about that one religion, but it also tells us that those who follow any other religion won’t find the phrase “Off with your head!” as comical as it was on Alice in Wonderland.

Hence why we’re told to always be ready to give an answer for our faith because once this sort of book is taught there will be no shortage of questions. So even if this book didn’t come about as a result of a secretive meeting, but there were lots of people involved who wanted certain things taught and emphasized above all else.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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