An Apology

Baskerville Old Face – I’ve been totally unfair to my sister, me and a bit of an elder sibling complex. I haven’t walked a mile in her shoes in the longest time. Considering recent events, a bit of Klingon has emerged in me. I’m angered by the principle of the situation.

The seperated husband has patched up his differences with his grandparents that he does not like and returned to their place of residence. He will have unchallenged say about what to do with his things, my sister’s things, and the things that are both of theirs. They are unwilling to allow my sister to collect her things unless the seperated husband is there as well. They will return my sister’s things if and when she gets back together with her seperated husband.

The seperated husband was a really nice guy when my sister got together with him, but he changed in the time since. Judging by the fruit produced, he’s a bad apple. She does not yet qualify for a legal divorce, but the seperated husband is likely to pawn anything of value and throw everything else out before we can get the legal ball rolling. My sister recognizes that if she goes with him, her safety is not guaranteed. He is abusive and manipulative and she has no intention of putting herself through the ordeal of being with him. He has also admitted to cheating.

Last week, we were all set to get my sisters things and now they are thing-napped and the ransom is her safety. This week our scedule requires that we remain here and we can do nothing to help my sister reclaim her things, her clothes, her books, her movies, or her music. The whole situation casts into a stark light the seperated husband’s lack of understanding of biblical love. He may see himself as a Christian, but there’s no evidence of that in the fruit of his actions.

He called to tell my sister that he would throw absolutely everything out unless she went with him. Should she refuse he would also call the authorities and give them the impression that my sister was responsible for crimes and ought to be arrested.

Love, I would think, would be patient. It would graciously return the things in question and allow time to begin the healing process. It wouldn’t threaten, force, coerce, keep any record of wrongs, or be proud of evil.

So my sister, I’m sorry for my attitude and that I can’t be of any help. I’m sorry that things have taken this turn of events. I’m sorry that the man you will always love doesn’t carry for you the Christian love you deserve. I’m sorry that you’re being gang up against and literally have to start over from scratch. I’m sorry for being totally unfair.


One thought on “An Apology

  1. You don’t have anything to be sorry about!  You’ve been a great sister and I’m so glad to have your love and help and support.  Without it I doubt I would’ve had the strength to leave him.Tbh, I was relieved when “Indiana’s most wanted” confessed to having affairs.  While that is emotionally painful (was I not good enough?), it was also relieving, in a way.  If he does trash my stuff, I’ll have absolutely no baggage–except for emotional, of course.  When we move I’ll be able to pack easily!  I know “it’s just stuff”, but I’ve spent the better part of two decades collecting that “stuff” and most of it will be greatly missed.Now you see just a bit of how awful he can be, and you know what to watch out for in men.


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