Glorious Testimony

Bell MT – Twice of late, when I’ve told my story, the response was not what I’d come to expect. It was more like listening to the story of how a police officer saved a life and everybody being sorry about it. It’s not like I wanted a ‘hallelujah’ or ‘amen’ or ‘praise God’, though they wouldn’t be out of place. Just something different, a sign of acceptance or understanding from my brothers and sisters in the faith and a quiet nod from those outside of the faith.

It seems like people will accept the stories from those raised in the faith and those who came out of being naughty. Yet my story prompts people to lovingly tell me, in effect, “Wow, now that I understand where you’re comming from, you need counseling / a change of scenery / a hobby / …” I’m sorry, but I’m not asking for any sort of help. I’ve left it up to God to help me with the things I need. If God only accepted perfectly normal people with perfectly social lives and a perfectly good demeanor than none of us would make the mark.

I think that the normal testimonies are of no more or less value than any other testimony. I wouldn’t tell that people with normal testimonies that they need to go party because they are boring. I wouldn’t tell people with unusual testimonies that they are crazy to think that things happened the way they think they did. I wouldn’t tell them that they need to just quit this or that or that they won’t be complete as long as they don’t have this or that. How can we know these things? How can we know that our suggestions may or may not be just the thing that is needed? Is a little acceptance just the way I am too much to ask? Or do those words have no value outside of its hymn to Him?


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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