the four one one

God has paved the way for us to move south, but we still have to take things one step at a time. At the moment, we’re working on the advertizing to sell the puppies as well as their registration information. I’m working on throwing away various papers and dealing with other things that haven’t been put to good use. The good thing is that there will be a considerable gap before we can actually move, in which time we can also spend the weekends preparing the place for our arrival. Our family in that area wants us to live in an area a little closer to them, but we know that some of them would take advantage of that. I grew up around one half of my family and then I got to know another part of my family better, but when we move down there I’ll be constantly around the dozen or so various cousins and relatives I’ve only met but once or twice. It’ll take some getting used to.

Some parts of my favorite books keep on rolling around my mind. The Phantom Tollbooth’s expectations, Awful Dynne, and the ending, for example. When Milo meets the Whether Man, he hears, “Expectations is the place you must always go to before you get to where you’re going. Of course, some people never go beyond Expectations, but my job is to hurry them along whether they like it or not.” It’s quite a way to begin an adventure. It’s often been said about people that they will rise to meet whatever is expected from them. I guess, I expected alot, with this blog in particular. I know that over the years my writing has markedly improved while my ideas as of late are non-existant. Given time, even that will be resolved.

There will be big changes for all of us this year. A new home, a new state, a new start, a new way of life, and no end to the newness three hundred and sixty-five days can bring. Yet I must wonder why I am more concerned about my sister’s well-being, my parents’ future, and even my brother’s addictions than I am about myself. I guess its just easier somehow. I think, I want them to be okay because if they’re okay than I can focus on what’s important. At any rate, what I want to do is try to figure out the history of the early church, return to the Bible and its application, as well as take some of myself out of the realm of the internet and give it back to God. 


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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