Quilt Christianity

Book Antiqua – It is easy to see the Pharisee’s frustration with Jesus in the New Testament. They have studdied the law, they have clarified the law, they know it inside and out, and just when they think they have it all figured out, this son of a carpenter tells them what is really going on with the law. Fast forward two-thousand or so years and you have the church. They have studdied the Bible, they have clarfied the Bible, they know it inside and out and just when they think it’s all figured out, Christianity’s decline increases.

Where do bodies of believers find it in the Bible, “And thou shalt build churches that touch the sky. They must contain rooms in which to carry out instruction of the children raised up in the church. The windows must be painted with all colors and shapes fit for teaching. The church will not be accepted if it does not contain a room large enough for the entire assembly to dine together. Build there-in the sanctuary hundreds and thousands of seats, so many that thou canst see the furthest row from the stage. Seat in the nearest row the sponsors, the wealthy, the guests, and the like. But those not fit to be seen ought to be sat in the furthest row where they ought not be seen.”

It seems that we still haven’t figured out which verses to believe. For every verse that could argue a situation favorably, there is another that disproves it. My old church, once a moderate Southern Baptist has slidden down to extreme fundalmentalism that demands its members to meet the obligations of their payment contracts. I see no grace nor guidance from God in that. Even worse, Christianity has become the sort of thing that would good the same look from Jesus that Peter got the moment after he has just denied him for the third time. We don’t deny him, but our actions betray him every time we refuse to forgive.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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