Bookman Old Style – (While the puppies are cute, they are also a full-fleged demolition crew bent on escape. It’s a busy week this week, but we’re all pretty excited. I saw Race to Witch Mountain in theatres while the boys attended the Christian Concert known as Winter Jam. Attendance was so much greater than expected, four thousand people had to be turned away because there was no more room. )

There are over 800 scriptures on the subject of finances. There are over 400 scriptures in the Bible on the subject of Hell. The love of the former can lead to a permanent stay in the latter. Unfortunately the ‘turn or burn’ message only falls on deaf ears. It’s easy to see why, it has been used in doing great harm by Christians and people who think they are Christians. Humans are funny. When we hear we have cancer, we want to hear just what we’ll be up against. When we hear that we’re headed for Hell, we deny it even exists. Too many people believe that it is a figment of one’s imagination. Christians even, who will affirm that Jesus is Lord will deny His teachings on the subject. Churches and denominations seem to be as divided on the issues as the Christians are themselves. It’s is even Hell that really annoys us. It’s the all loving and merciful God that has no choice but to put people there because they forgot that he’s also righteous and just. I’m certain we all know the story…

God created the heavens and earth and it all was good, but at some point an angel named Lucifer realized how beautiful he was and he decided to set his thrown above that of the Most High. In the process, Lucifer tricked a third of the angels of heaven into joining him in his rebellion. They were then cast down. Some of them were chained into Hell until the end. Lucifer took on many names, Satan and The Devil are two of the best known. The rebelious angels also took a new name, they are demons. Satan took his chance to fool The Woman and Adam wilfully sinned when he also took a bite of that forbidden fruit. Fast forward a couple thousands years and here we are. The popular portrayal of demons are horned devils, wearing red, and wielding pitchforks while haloed angels sit on their clouds playing harps. (Thanks Looney Tunes!)


2 thoughts on “Seperation

  1. I blame a good part of this on our culture.  We just don’t want to hear anything unpleasant.  Especially from the pulpit on Sunday morning.  I fear for the church leadership who serve their congregations what their itching ears want to hear – and not the whole truth of God’s plan.Christianity has become a big smörgåsbord.  Take the things that are appealing – and leave the rest alone.  Not very sound theology.Any takers on the puppies yet?


  2. @gokellyjo – Yeah, one, but the ad will come out in tomorrow’s papper and then we’ll try the auto/rv if they don’t do well, but the last time all sorts of local people came and got them. I agree, my pastor was telling me that he got in trouble with a church because he refused to teach the youth the tennants of the denomination as opposed to telling them about Jesus.


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