Cambria – (We’re keeping one of the puppies and we’re having a tough time comming up with a good name for him. His is an American Boxer. His father’s name was a mafia name and his mothers name came from a song, Bugsy and Molly, respectively. Nothing seems to fit, and we’ve tried: Mugsy, Louie, Roman, Jesse … and most other name we could think of. What are your ideas for a two-syllable name?)

Just like there are parts to a body, the parts of the church may have different jobs that are no less important. While you can walk on your hands, that is what the feet were designed to do. While toes can learn to grip things, fingers were made to do just that and more. Some churches will emphasize one misistry over another, but a healthy body and a good church will have a balance some of them or all of them:

Seek and Save The Lost Ministry: One of the ones that are usually emphasized. Pastors often tell their flock that it is their job to witness to everybody unsaved around them.

Missions Ministry: Also emphasized, it’s primary focus is to go to places where  few Christians are and to tell the people about Jesus.

Service Ministry: Sometimes an outlet for putting the youth group’s energy to good use, it is not as emphasized but is found in many churches. Members are asked if they need help that the group might be able to manage. They’re supervised as they pull off everything from landscaping, to moving, to general cleaning, and maybe even small building projects. Sometimes service projects are carried out oversees in a sort of service/missions ministry.

Meals Ministry: Also in many churches, this ministry usually provides a week of dinners to the house of a member who is ill or has gone through surgery.

Sunday School and Wednesday Evening Ministry: Almost a church standard, no two churches operate this program the same way. Sometimes they throw in breakfast or dinner, but not always. It’s main purpose is to teach the Bible.

Babysitting Ministry: Most every church has set up a place for the kids to play during church services. It is one of the many behind the scenes jobs that allows members to worship without much interruption.

Music Ministry: Also in most every church, these are the guys who will play either modern songs or beloved hymns during church services. Their music alone can bring in people or repulse them. It’s one of the more difficult ministries as most every musician expects much out of themselves and each other as they play for the people and for God.

Youth Ministry: This program may not be emphasized, but it should be treated with care. The youth are the future of the church and Christianity. It deals with helping the youth as they grow to deal with the problems that face them. Helping them to understand the Bible and how it applies to them personally. Teaching them that it is honorable to follow God’s instructions in a world that allows the opposite.

Elderly Ministry: I’ve seen this program in few churches, but we would do well to remember our brothers and sisters in the faith who can’t leave home or retirement center to join us. Why not spend an afternoon letting them know that they are remembered and missed?

Bring Them Back Ministry: Once we left the old church, the pastor visited once to ask what was going on. Since then we’ve heard nothing. Too many churches allow people to walk out the door and don’t follow up to see where the problem lies and if it can be resolved. There are Christians who are too hurt by the church to want to attend any church. Let us not neglect their fellowship and hope that somebody would care enough to come after us should we be in their shoes.

Prayer Ministry: Sometimes in the form of prayer lists or prayer chains, the needs of the members are brought attention to all and prayed for. Sometimes a ministry of people who pray are brought together. These warriors are ready to bring before God any concern you might have.

I’m certain that there are more ministries, I just can’t think of any more off-hand. At any rate, there is a ministry that fits you somewhere. Just what has God laid on your heart? The young children? The youth? The elderly? The lost? The absent Christians? You were made for a ministry, something that would bless you beyond reasoning to be a part of. So next time that you hear one ministry emphasized over another, ask yourself which one is just for you.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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