A poor reward, Indeed III

The Prosperity Gospel and Word of Faith Movements are two of the largest teachings taking Christiandom by storm. In its wake, many Christians are wondering how to deal with the damage. Both teachings promise that by either monetary faithfulness or vocal faithfulness you can attain wealth, health, and whatnot. They have found many a Bible verse that could support what they have to say, but do not have much overall reguard for the Bible’s point on the matter. Richness of faith is better than richness of posessions, it is easier for the poor to have richer faith than the wealthy.

When I say it’s a poor reward, it is. If you get everything you ever wanted on Earth, where does that leave you? Most people have lost about a third of their retirement wealth, hundreds of thousands have lost their employment status, and so many have lost their homes. Natural disasters, man-made disasters, and thieves can do a lot of damage to the things we posess. In the natural course of time, our things will eventually break down. If your reward is the greatness of your wealth and all that you own, it is a poor reward.

What bothers about these movement is more of what they don’t teach. When we undergo discipline it isn’t because we didn’t give enough or we said something incorectly, its because God wants us to be faithful no matter how bad things get. I was taught that if we don’t get it the first time, God will be more than happy to repeat the lesson until we do learn it. Because it is at that point where we do move on and become more mature in our walk.

While researching the basics of both movements, it was mentioned that they were both heavily taught by most big name televangelists. Some were worse about it than others, but elements of these teachings were present in their sermons. The biggest danger in Christianity is to stop following Christ and to take up after other Christians.

We just aren’t told how rich faith itself can be. We’re told what it is, how great it is, and how people got themselves into the hall of faith. I’m telling you, Rahab isn’t in that list because she prayed and she prayed and was given a fortunte 10,000 gold pieces. The people aren’t in there because they gave everything away to get it all back and then some. Moses isn’t in there because he took half of the royal treasury and gave it to the ministry of his favorite preacher. Joseph isn’t in there because he prayed for three months and got a much needed coat. Jacob, Issac, and Abraham didn’t name and claim horses and houses. Noah, Enoch and Abel aren’t in there because they gave away nearly everything and prayed until God rewarded their faith with whatsoever they desired. So what remains then, if you get your reward on Earth?
Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”

What do we hope for? Jesus’ return more than anything else.  What are we certain of? Jesus, even though none of us have seen Him. Now that, is a great reward.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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