The Fiftieth Day

Franklin Gothic Medium – (I made an apple compote and a yellow cake to put it on yesterday and it was good. We changed our minds at the last minute and kept the other male ‘Big Boy’ Jericho. Today Campbells Condensed Soup Promotion begins. Their cans will have a code that will allow you to send in a request for free tomato seeds. For every request they get, they will also send out seeds to Future Farmers of America. Hopefully a bit of world hunger is dealt with as a result of the ‘mato seeds. They are of a roma tomato variety.)

April first. A light-hearted holiday that is celebrated in some fassion or another the world over. I’m not particularly good at comming up with pranks or jokes so I don’t do much of anything out of the ordinary. While talking with the exchange student, he mentioned a holiday that isn’t exactly celebrated in every American church but should be taught about. Pentecost. Apparently in his church it’s right up there with Christmas and Easter.

I remember that my sibling always drank pop and seemed to need to be relieved when it was most inconvienient. This occasion we were on the turnpike going to or from OKC. It’s pretty hard to find a decent stopping place on a road with a speed limit of 70, but we found an area to turn off at, a small drive that was easy to miss. The driveway we waited at had this huge gate that somehow managed to hold the letters ‘Pentecostal Holiness Camp 23’. Good thing we were by in the off-season. Soon we were on the turnpike again, bound for somewhere.
I might have mentioned my friend’s experience with a similar group. She was labeled as a sinner for not being able to speak in tongues.

Perhaps while we’re looking for the miraculous, we miss out on the miracle itself that the Holy Spirit has arrived. It’s difficult to imagine the time between the Assention and Pentecost. No wonder the disciples were told to wait. To tell you the truth, I don’t think my church has ever really explained Pentecost. Usually they pop open Acts 2 to talk about the church and not its founding. Some churches celebrate it on the 50th day after Easter.

None of my churches have ever denined the Holy Spirit, but they can’t be accused of believing in Him either. I know my friend wasn’t a sinner because she couldn’t speak in tongues, the only tongue I speak came from years of studying. Now when it comes to worship in this new church of mine, it gets interesting. Somebody usually whistles loudly, every now and then hands will go into the air, but things don’t really get out of hand. It is a young church that attracts the young college crowd. So I’m thinkin’ that fifty days after Easter, I’ll be crackin’ open that NT to Acts and reading about the first Pentecost.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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