MS Serif – I’ve seen only a few episodes of the Outer Limits considering the hundreds of episodes that are likely in existance by now, but I do remember some of them better than others. In this particular story that I do remember, most everybody had bought into the smart appartment craze. Dozens of high-rise skyscrapers were erected even in the same city. It could and would provide most everything any human might need, ever. In fact, most of its residents didn’t get to know their own neighbors in their hurry to get back to their appartments when they were comming or going. One day, the building sounded an alarm and locked in its residents in their own appartments. They realized that it would only be a matter of time before the things they need could not be brought in for them and so they sought escape. They broke through the walls (which were much easier to open than the doors) and proceeded to get to the first floor by any available means. Easier, said than done, obviously. In the course of the episode, the residents learn than the dangers, the attack, and even their guide was a simulation of the building’s artificial intelligience in an attempt to provide adversity and human company, the only two things that it could not fulfill. The episode ends overlooking the skyline of ‘malfunctioning’ smart appartment skyscrapers and a small bands of humans who have tasked themselves with saving other residents of other buildings from themselves and their apartments.

The convienience of technology makes alot of things so much easier. In the works are computers in pretty much everything. You can call your oven to turn it on while you’re away. Your refridgerator keeps track of what you have. Your phone can now show you cooking videos. Our technology can isolate us. I heard a report about a teenager who would text message her friends even at their own birthday party. In one month she amassed 14,000 text messages. Good thing that their plan allowed a per month fee and not one per message.

I’ve always been taught that people need food, shelter, and clothing. Obviously, these things will keep you alive, but we do need other things, too. From the beginning we were not meant to be alone. I think, we also need to believe. Some will believe in not believing anything while others in the absence of not knowing what specificially to believe will find anything to believe. There is no shortage of options out there. I already wrote that C.S. Lewis once said that we can believe that there is something right in every belief system, but we have to believe that our belief system is right where they differ.

Let us not make the mistake of thinking that being socialable technology-wise is being socialable. In fact, it is well known that those addicted to MMORPGs (massively muliplayer online role playing games) often isolate themselves socially to lend as much of their time to their game as possible. As in most everything, we need a healthy balance.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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