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It’s been a dry year, not for us, but for the state of Oklahoma. My aunt called to say that parts of Oklahoma City’s suburbs were burning or were at risk of a wildfire. She said that the fire was comming from the same street where my grandparents used to live and was looking to head toward our old house. I’ve been watching the documentary Blitz: London’s Longest Night and one of the interviewees asked “How would you have felt to have watched it? Your own home city … burning.” Wildfires do happen in Oklahoma, but I know it is not likely that they were as prepared as California might be. The worst case scenario would  be if the fire headed toward Oklahoma City, the suburbs where I grew up were countrified and not so populated, although more and more housing editions have been springing up in the area. It’s a recipe for disaster: A dry year, poor housing edition water-runoff, and summer isn’t even there yet. The places where I grew up, where I remember the good things from when I was little, they’re gone or going to be destroyed. I’m just glad that my family is going to be okay.

As for us up here, we can’t wait for it stop being cold/snowing so we get some plants in the ground. We’re hoping for the status quo to remain in the auto industry so we can hold out until the opportunity to move arises. In the meantime, we’re getting ready for the move and are packing up somewhat. We’ll only have our exchange student for another two months. After all of our debating, we have boiled down all of our frustations into one simple conclusion: Our leadership is responsible. Now that’s solved I can only hope he comes to see the error of his slightly gnostic interpretation of the Bible. That’s between him and God though. Jericho has been settling in quite well around here. He’s learning something new everyday. My brother has been at his computer most of his spring break while the rest of us enjoy Stargate SG-1’s first and second seasons. My sister is getting on her feet. It seems everytime she has a little success her soon-to-be-ex-husband does something to ruin her good name with his bad one.

My other aunt has been sending me monthly newsletters from Voice of the Maytrs Ministry. She also sent ‘Tortured for Christ’ by Richard Wurmbrand, the founder of said minisitry. I haven’t quite gotten around to reading much of it, but it’s on the list. Speaking of lists, I was listening to one of the stations on my favorite list as they talked about another book written by an economist called “God is Back”. The truth is, He never left. The speakers asked listeners to call in and talk about the religious explosion of monotheism in the world, specifically of Islam and Christianity. (I wonder why it is now called Islam and not Mohammedism as it was called in my older books. Islam is from a word that means “submission” while Christianity is associated with Christ Jesus, the annointed one. I guess that is neither here nor there.) I’m glad that one caller pointed out that Christianity is nothing without the saving salvation brought through Jesus. Another caller stated that people now have a hunger about religion and they want to talk about it unlike in years past when you just didn’t talk about these things. I can’t help but be reminded of the verse, the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few, pray therefore for more workers to go into the harvest.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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