Sylfaen – Our form of government gives us a unique view of representatives. Sometimes we choose our representatives for being good people with a good record. Sometimes we choose our representatives for matching up most closely with the sort of things we would like see done. There is a flaw in the system in that it depends upon people. The same people who are good people but can go very wrong when tempted with money, power, and respect. The responsibility of a representative is not a sort of job for those easily swayed. It takes more than just the wish to be a public servant. We’ve seen what happens when public servants are upright, the people are behind them all the way. We also know just how bad things get when they go wrong.

In the same way, we are representatives of Christ. Too often we don’t represent Him as we should, but it seems nobody can find fault with those who are people after God’s own heart. God chose us to be His representatives as long as we serve Him. He chooses us for reasons we do not understand. When we are first called to represent him, there isn’t very much in common other than being made in His image. Overtime, our goal is Christlikeness. This does two things for us, it makes us better (com-traya!) in the way of being good people and the sort of things we do just happen to be in line with the sort of things that God wants to see done.

Thats not to say that God couldn’t accomplish the sort of things He’d like to see done without us. In fact, he could do it very easily. Then we would miss out on that unique blessing that was waiting once we had finished the task. God doesn’t really need anything from us, but he knows that humans need to be needed and need to be put to work. He knew that even before day one was the first day. And yet here we are, representing Him in the lives of people who may only know his name from having heard a fleeting reference on television or a character’s personal belief that God is the guy that ignores you. Again, the same flaw exists, some of Christ’s representatives went wrong and they took people down with them. Forgiveness and humility are two keys to being a representative of Christ and of constituents.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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