Tahoma – I don’t know who once said, “I don’t have a problem with a man’s religion whose dog and cat are better off for it.” I just think about the sentiment of it. People’s religions should not harm even the least of their household. Many religions are making progress, people in some places are trying to crack down on throwing women into their husband’s burning funeral pyres. In other places there isn’t so much progess such as conservative laws that reinforce the “women are property” mentality dominant in that corner of the world. The fact is that the respect for women in Christianity isn’t shared elsewhere. In fact, it’s a radical idea.

In one episode of Stargate SG-1, the team lands on a planet where women aren’t allowed to speak and can be bought for the equivalent of 30 dollars assuming that the value of our dollar is akin to their silver weight. The culture of the locals is bassed off of Mongols. The only female member of the team is kidnapped and then sold into the household of the leader of another tribe. Before the episode ends, she has to win her freedom and that of a girl about to be stoned. Serveral cultures and religions worldwide, even in this day and age, seem to hold back women. Some would say, “Oh, we love our women too much, we couldn’t possibly let them leave the house without asking our permission / etc.” Too bad they’ve never heard that song, if you truely love a thing you gotta let it go.

The oldest paying job available to women is prostitution, it still thrives in areas of the world that are closed off to Christianity. In some countries the teenage girls are sold into the service of prostitution houses. Since there are no laws here to break, wealthy Americans and others sometimes go to these countries to use the services of such houses. We can’t let this status quo remain. Something has to be done about it.

When the headlines are “Couple stoned for trying to elope” then you know that things are massively unfair. I’m glad I have the freedom to say something about it and not risk being stoned or burned by acid. Perhaps I have do have a problem with other religions that don’t respect the rights of women, but even Christianity has beeen acused of the same. Jesus’ story took place when women weren’t allowed alot of anything. They did have some freedoms that weren’t common, but for the most part they were second class citizens. Hence the Old Testament provision for men to watch over widows, they had no help. Still, Jesus’ ministry had a fantastic place for women. Yes, they could support him, feed him, that sort of thing, but he also treated them like disciples. So while some men might complain that, “A woman’s place is in her home.” Let us not forget that our men are entirely capable of minding the store. They just might have to while we figure out how to help women worldwide. There are alot of people who won’t, and alot of excuses not to, but we all know in our core that it isn’t right and we’ve allowed it to go on for far too long.

I’m sorry to say that we can’t provide freedom, In fact, our ideas will get some women killed on the other side of the globe. But there’s got to be something we can do, right?


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