Forcing an Opening

Trebuchet MS – Awhile back, I was reading a book talking about the use of a certain strategy to undermine the popularity of one’s opponents using news and other media against them. That book is somewhere around here, so I’ll have to try to remember part of it from the top of my head:

1.) Be the victim: It doesn’t matter who you are or how many are your numbers, every time there is a conflict, lose. Feature the stories of the weak, the horribly injured, and the ill. This gives your opponent a reputation of kicking people when they’re down.

2.) Interview Often: At every oppurtunity, expand upon your beliefs and why the are better than your opponents.

3.) Choose your opponents representatives carefully: Every time one member of your opponent stands up and tries to point out what you’re doing, paint that person as the worst of them all. Let people come to the conclusion that the other side is all like him and the leaders are even worse.

4.) Be generous: Out give your opponents, out do your opponents. Be known for such kindess that nobody would ever belief that your purpose was anything less than sincere. Win the heart of the average joe, in the process you’ll likely win his vote.

5.) Be known for the company you keep: When dealing with anybody inside and outside of your group, chose carefully and control any information that might be released. Know who you’re opponent is working with and take them down using their own reputation against them.

Once you’re opponent seems to be an unkind bully, uncaring, ungenerous, and unbeneficial to anybody, the people will take care of the rest, vote in your interests and vote out theirs. This stragegy has been used against Christianity time and time again. Now christians would never be so devious to use this stragegy against whomever is up against them. Just keep an eye out for it and don’t give anybody a foothold in the process of taking down Christianity.

Christians, learn this strategy and defuse it from step one:

Be a friend to all, assisting wherever possible. Graciously allow others to speak their mind, constantly interrupting them will make some think that there is something to what they’re trying to say. Be patient of others who are keeping you from speaking, actions are louder than words, anyway. If one Christian is singled out and attacked you have to make a choice, help the brother or distance yourself: one is right, the other might benefit you temporarily but does neither you nor him much, if any, good at all. Giving shouldn’t be about making it know what you’re up to, so don’t let the left, the right, or the audience know what contributions you are behind. Don’t take credit for contributions you did not make. Help each other through the times when your past is made public.

Not every ending will be happy, but with God, hapiness is never-ending. Pray, first, last, and throughout and let the glory be His. Some good just might come out if it all yet, even though it may not be what you expect.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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